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Sports/Exercise Report For November

November was respectably active. I did something physically demanding 19 days, down from last month’s 22 days and below my record 25 days in November 2009. I am not counting seven days, when I just did some push ups or a plank. Maybe I should count those days.

I played tennis just seven days, for only 23 1/2 hours, way below my record of 18 days set in June, and my all-time record of 42 3/4 hours. But I did play squash six times for 7 3/4 hours, and went hunting and walking in the woods four times for 6 1/2 hours. So I was moving around: it adds up to 37 3/4 hours.

I also did crunches three times, down from four last month and still a long way from my record of nine sessions in May and in December last year. However I again broke my all-time record for numbers…my best session of 1600 (500+500+600) set a new record over my previous record of 1505 (400+455+650) set last month. Having reached this high level, I pretty much stopped for about five weeks now, taking on the challenge of reaching 100 push ups.

I did some push-ups…10 different days, up from four times last month and setting a record over the eight days in September. My maximum without stopping was 46, no better than my number in September. But I am working on it. I only did a plank once for 210 seconds. Very boring and very strenuous. My record set last month was 270 seconds.

I made it to the Boston gym once and did some lat pull downs.

I am discovering that achieving 10 push ups in six weeks seems impossible for me. But I am sticking with it and will report back later.

I Finished The Third Week’s Last Day Challenge

I did it..with a great straining effort. The fifth set asked me to do 28 push ups, and I was able to, after earlier sets of 22, 30, 20, 20 with two minutes in between sets. Sure makes my triceps burn. Now on to the fourth week of exercise. Only nine more days of push up sets ahead at the rate of three per week. Stay tuned, and let me know what you think my chances are to reach 100 in 21 days. I can’t imagine doing it yet…

100 Push Ups Progress Report

Repeated the third week, and made some progress: did first day, did second day and once again did all four sets of the third day…but couldn’t do the last set of 28. However I did reach 24 this time, as opposed to only 15 last week. Now I have to decide how to go forward. I think instead of repeating the whole week, I will just keep trying the third day’s challenge, which is 22, 30, 20, 20, 28 with two minutes between each set.

At least I am getting stronger…When I overcome this obstacle, I will do another test of how many push ups I can do without stopping. Recent record is 46. Goal is 100, and supposedly possible within six weeks…

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100 Push Ups Update

I started again doing the third week’s first day: 14,18,14,14,20 with a 60-second break in between each set.

Glad I could do it, because I strained my back on Monday in the first hour of Monday’s tennis match…I had to serve around 13 deuces. Later I forced myself to do the push ups, and that’s when I couldn’t complete that last set. Didn’t even try to do any push ups on Wednesday. But I was able to play tennis Tuesday, Thursday and today, Friday. The heat from the tennis movement loosens up the muscles and minimizes the soreness.

Like Rocky…I am getting stronger. I am inspired by a story I just read today and will post soon about a woman who was told she’d never recover from cancer and brain surgeries, so she began running marathons…if she can do that, then I should be able to do a few push ups…

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Pushing Too Hard For Push Ups

Continuing my goal toward 100 push ups, I flew by the second day’s regimen of five sets of push ups: 25, 15, 15, 20, 25 with 90 seconds between each set. The third day was my first obstacle. The challenge is 22,30, 20, 20 28 with 120 seconds between sets. I could only do 15 non-stop for the last set, so I paused a few times as I crawled on my knees over the finish line doing the last 13: 5 (pause), 4 (pause), 2 (pause) and the final two.

I think I strained my back too. Idiot. I gather that I am now supposed to either start the week over or keep doing this third day over until I complete it.

At least I made the effort. I was so exhausted from the morning’s tennis that I had to rest all day. After the push ups at 6 pm, I went to hit tennis balls with a friend who hadn’t been on a court in over a year and used to dominate me. If we’d played a game, I am pretty sure I would have lost…unless I could have worn him out over a set or three. I was definitely improved over our last match and in better shape, but he can still kill a forehand and deliver a serve.

In spite of my aching back, I also hit with my coach today. He really urges me to relax my upper body. I didn’t tell him about the pain I was feeling. But some of his pointers—focus on your feet, so there is no tightness above your waist and your stroke and serve is smooth and fluid—made a huge difference. Can’t wait for the next games on Thursday and Friday.

In the last seven days, I have played tennis and squash six days and 15.75 hours. During three of those days, I did push ups. No wonder I am tired…

At the squash courts, where I am number 14 of 15 members on the ladder, I was challenged by the guy below me. I won the first game 11-1, then lost 1-11. What a shock. Thought I was going to run away with it. Next game I came from behind to win 14-12. He was winded in game four, so I won 11-6 or 7. Another player at the Sunday clinic who hadn’t played in four years took me three games straight, and I never earned more than 6 points in each game. These experienced players sure are tough to beat. The lesson focused on hitting balls long and over your opponent’s head when he is up close. I didn’t even think to do that in my ladder match until the middle of the last game…when #15 did it to me. Pretty dumb of me.

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First Step Toward 100 Push Ups

Yesterday I started the journey to doing 100 push ups. I realized that at three sessions a week for six weeks, I have just 18 workouts of about 10 minute each. One down and 17 to go…although given how many I was able to do from the start, the instructions said to go right to week three. Maybe that eliminates six days of training. I am determined.

The first day was easy: five sets (14, 18, 14, 14, 20+) with 60 seconds between each set. Is it asking too much to do abs exercises on alternate days? This may be unrealistic—I played tennis for 1 1/2 hours this morning and then had my first squash match in the afternoon…I lost 3 out of 4 games, but two were at 10-12, and 13-15, and my win was at 11-9. My opponent had to work hard for those wins at the end.

So it’s easy to rationalize that I am too tired. And I have to not overdo things—I have almost five hours of tennis scheduled for tomorrow, because people asked me to fill in for two doubles games that each needed a fourth.

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Doing 10,000 Push Ups

I asked the Push Up Guy, Doug Pruden, a question about setting world push up records:

“Doug…when you do 10,000 push ups in 8 hours, are these non-stop? Do you take bathroom or coffee breaks?”

Here is his answer:

“The 10,000 record was done in the heat of the summer outside. From noon till 8:30pm, and there were 35 water/juice breaks in the time span. There were no bathroom breaks, I sweated very much. A very calorie burning day, and 100’s of people could not bear to watch the 10,000 in the 27 Celsius heat, to its full completion. They did cheer to the end.

An entire work shift of push ups all video taped yet.”

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Can I Do 100 Push Ups?

Initial Push Up Test—most people rank 2 or 3

Having recently posted the story by Doug Pruden, the Push Up Guy, who still holds many world and national push up records, I decided to do push ups myself, and see if I could improve my strength and performance. I am still stuck in the low 40’s, doing about 43 consecutively, although today I did 46. My lifetime record achieved over 20 years ago was 57.

When I told my son that I wasn’t working on my abs, but doing push ups instead, he told me about a site that shows you how to reach 100 consecutive push ups within six weeks, NO MATTER HOW LOW YOU START!

Anyway the challenge intrigued me: could I do what the program instructed, three times a week, a total of just 30 minutes a week? It sounds minimal and easy. Just requiring the discipline that I generally don’t have.

Years ago a runner friend of mine challenged me to run a 7-mile mini-marathon. I trained for over a month in the late summer afternoons, when the sun was low. I could do it pretty easily. The day of the race, at 1:00, OOPS! It was 93 degrees. I had no experience drinking while running. I had never watched a long distance race and seen all the water-gulping. So when I reached the finish line, the med guys told me to immediately hit the red cross tent—I was so de-hydrated—and I really scared my family who couldn’t find me right away, then saw me on a stretcher with ice on my head and a face that was paper white. They thought I’d had a heart attack. Meanwhile, lying right next to me, a 22-year-old was being asked if he had any “next of kin,” before he was ambulanced to the hospital.

I never ran in a race again, and I now know a bit more about accepting running challenges.

So here we go with this push up challenge: Can he do more than 46 or 57 push ups, folks? Will he be able to set a new personal best record? Will he reach 100? Will he be able to make himself do the exercises three times a week for six weeks?

Stay tuned as I report on my progress…or lack of it. Also place your bets and let me know the odds in each direction. I am not yet determined…but I am amused. I’d really love to be able to just make the effort. Breaking my lifetime record of 23 years ago would also be very very satisfying…and I should have a few more muscles as well.

Finally as Doug said, no commuting to the gym, no more hours in the car, no more polluting the atmosphere with more gas fumes, no expensive gym fees.

So starting tomorrow…I will start the program…wish me luck.

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How And Why Doug Pruden Sets World Records For Push Ups

On September 14th this year, I wrote about Superhumans who do thousands of push ups. One of those world record holders, Doug Pruden, has written to me with his life story and then answered some questions I asked him. Like how do you do so many and what motivates you? Doug has done 10,000 regular push ups in 8 hours. What an inspiration…

Push ups are the big revolution of my life. In grade school I failed physical education, if 50% is a grade for health. Not great at team sports. Preferred the individual sports and wanted to still excel at something so I choose what cost little and did not require a gym or expensive membership. Just get down and drop and do over 1000 at home to my own music and setting and then shower up and relax in front of the T.V. for a bit and eat!

I was able to set over a dozen world records and be entered 4 times into the Guinness world records. Latest is the 2010 book! In there for 1025 one arm push ups on the back of my hand in one hour done November 8th 2008 at the Don Wheaton Family YMCA. Have set other records like 1000 fist push ups in 18 minutes and 13 seconds! And get this: 1382 one armers in 30 minutes back in 2003. From Edmonton Alberta Canada. Through athletic presentations in schools, the push ups are very motivational to students and adults alike.

Doug sets Guiness records for back-of-hands push ups—2005

I do push ups because fitness is a mandatory part of my life above just earning a living etc, that most people just concern themselves with. I do it for the glory of God and Jesus of course, and for myself and my health. Its a great free exercise, meaning no weights and commuting to a gym in smoggy traffic full of irritated drivers. I’d rather be at home and work out and feel great afterwards about the day. I can do the exercise at world record speed by myself and then tell people I do that and they can pay me to prove it to them!

The key is determination and just working out every day. World records are painful, but fun when you break a record in the end! There are rules and requirements for world records. I have to follow them to a tee. Tough and rugged is what you must be. It certainly does take great stamina so you must be really tough minded and be prayed up in the spirit. Like you need divine intervention to do this and to be your best. ONE CAN USE ALL THE HELP YOU CAN GET. I can do 100 one-arm push ups in a row quite regularly.

Here you got the basics. I actual hated physical education because it was physical education in school. You HAVE TO educate your body to do it till its routine. Routine and your body expects it. Everyone has routines and habits. I am used to it and everyone expects me to succeed now. That alone is such great positive peer pressure. Or public pressure to be number one again and again. It was not here before but now it is since the public is used to me doing push ups well. I originally just expected myself to do it. First at 1 minute then 5 minutes then 10 minutes then 20, 30, 40, 50 minute time intervals, etc. You have to try someplace. Little steps. Now its still little steps but a whole bunch in an hour! Little steps, little time intervals one after another.

Every person young and old, who wants to be fit, must in addition to rest and hydration, eat healthy, meaning a balanced diet, with an emphasis on proper nutrition. My own careful diet selections include: fruits, veggies and protein diet. Harmful lifestyles such as: smoking, drinking in excess, or banned substances should have no part in your fitness regime and decisions. You don’t need to be a superstar to be healthy and fit, just a determination and will to do it right. Fitness and health is the worlds best wealth to acquire and achieve. If You need incentive, healthy living must be the first one, which helps create a healthy mind and soul. Most of the greatest athletes, actors and leaders in music are also fit. Some very fit. They need it for their busy, hectic, and scheduled celebrity lives. Fitness has caused me to live a more interesting life filled with unique friends, and a desire to work more efficiently at whatever I find myself doing. It is so much of apart of my life, I am fortunate to be blessed with this strength from God.

One should find a motivation for staying fit. For me it is being more public with it, by doing world records and presentations to children (in a school) or adults. What productivity is there if you just do fitness and not gain from it other than a fit body? That is why I did world records. Fitness for me is a mandatory daily activity, because of the connection I made with everything else I do, and everyone I met. It can just flow in my lifestyle. It’s a passion for health and a wonderful tool for reaching young athletes. I talk about it, and they talk to me about it because of world records. There certainly comes with it respect, honor, letters, media interviews, demos, etc with this. It’s fun to do what you want and what you like and get something motivational from people in return for it. You can meet people from every walk of life, everywhere because of it. The sky is the limit with what I can do with being a multi-record holder.

According to Wikipedia, Doug set the following national/world records

* 5557 Fist push ups in 3:02:30 hours on July 9, 2004
* 1000 fist push ups in 18:13 minutes on July 9, 2003
* 114 one arm push ups in one minute in March 2003
* 546 one arm push ups in 10 minutes on July 30, 2003
* 1382 one arm push ups in 30 minutes on July 30, 2003
* 1,777 one arm push ups in 1 hour on November 2004 (2521 world record Paddy Doyle)
* 575 Back of Hand push ups in 15 minutes on April 29, 2005
* 1045 Back of Hand push ups in 30 minutes on April 29, 2005
* 1781 Back of Hand push ups in 1 hour on July 8, 2005 (world record of 1940 held by John Candy)
* 677 push ups on one arm on the Back of hand on November 9, 2005
* 1025 push ups on one arm on the Back of hand on November 8, 2008 (2010 Guinness)
* 59 push ups on one arm on the Back of Hand on March 24, 2007

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