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Top 10 Biggest And Best Jumps Ever

Afraid to jump into a swimming pool off of a “high” diving board of 10 feet? Then you will have a real rush watching these fearless humans perform jumps you can’t imagine sane humans would ever consider executing.

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HelluvAchievement—Climbing From One Plane To Another

A skydiver has pulled off an astonishing stunt by climbing out of a glider’s cockpit, crawling along the wing and then somersaulting underneath and stepping onto the wing of a second glider flying below.

Paul Steiner then moves back onto the main fuselage of the second glider while the first glider turns upside down and flies overhead so that he can reach up and hold the tail fin at 100mph, forming a human link between the two aircraft. He then leaps off and parachutes back to the ground.

The spectacular stunt, captured on YouTube, was carried out by the Red Bull skydive team 2,100 metres above the mountains in Styria, Austria. And they look mightily relieved as they returned to their airfield.

You can read the story here. Then we can all admire adventurous people like this who have adrenaline needs we can’t imagine and are fearless compared to those of us with what we call “common sense.”

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Seeing Old Age As A Never-Ending Adventure

Here is a New York Times article by Kirk Johnson about elderly folks 70 to 90 who are walking on flying airplane wings, climbing Mt Everest, going to the South Pole. They are an inspiration to us all to stay healthy, in shape and to keep thinking what used to be called “young.”

Wingwalking at 89 years old

Wingwalking at 89 years old

…Intensely active older men and women who have the means and see the twilight years as just another stage of exploration are pushing further and harder, tossing aside presumed limitations…

“This is an emerging market phenomenon based on tens of millions of longer-lived men and women with more youth vitality than ever imagined,” said Ken Dychtwald, a psychologist and author who has written widely about aging and economics.

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Extreme Sports—Jumping Without a Parachute

People are sending me examples of sports enthusiasts who are really over the top and on the edge—of killing themselves. Here is the first one:

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