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Taylor Lautner Parlays Abs Into Acting

Taylor before his transformation

Taylor afterward

Taylor Daniel Lautner is an American actor, voice actor, model, and martial artist. He took his first karate class at the age of six and earned his black belt by the age of eight, winning several junior world championships.

Once he became an actor, he won a role in a three-part movie series in which the first film wasn’t too successful. For the next film, Twilight Saga’s New Moon, he gained 30 pounds of muscle, and is credited substantially for the film’s worldwide box office take of $700 million. One critic wrote, “The film’s marketing issues were solved when Lautner’s “abdominal muscles became New Moon’s main talking point, not to mention his calling card.” He was named number one on Access Hollywood’s “Top 5 Hollywood Abs” list.

In 2010, Lautner was ranked number two on Glamour’s “50 Sexiest Men of 2010 ” list. Men’s Health ranked him at third on their list of “Top 10 Summer Bodies.” Additionally in 2010, he was ranked fourth on People’s “Most Amazing Bodies” list.

Lautner has an intricate workout plan, which was covered by Men’s Health, and has a specific diet after developing his body for New Moon.In addition, he still practices and trains in martial arts regularly.

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Oguchi Onyewu Has Abs And Scares Opponents

Oguchi has abs (in case you missed them)

I bumped into an article about the 30 fittest pro athletes. Of course I was focusing on their abs—some readers have actually asked me for more pictures than I am posting. So here you are.

“I had to add Oguchi into the list. After all, he’s a soccer player—fittest athletes ever. At 6’4″ 210 pounds, he’s one of the most feared men in the world’s game.
I’ve played against a lot of massive defenders. And no one has Oguchi’s strength. His shoulders and chest are so big that people confuse him with an NFL player. He can move anyone in the game with one arm, including the best strikers in the world. Guys absolutely fear him.”

Charlie Davies, FORWARD, U.S. SOCCER

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Inspirational Workout Montage From Great Training Movies

This is a workout training montage Chris Ivey sent me of all the great movies that have inspired people to do any kind of working out. It includes some of the greats from the Rocky movies, to Kickboxer, to Pumping Iron.

I love that Arnold says you have to do the last 3-4 lifts to feel the pain and build the muscle. Otherwise you can never be a champion. Unfortunately, I always hesitate to overdo it and hurt myself.

Just listening to Burgess Meredith tell Rocky how he has to stay with it and get up is an inspiration in itself. And then…when Rocky races to the top of the steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art—that is positively splendiferous!!!

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Beach Vollyball Champion Kerri Walsh Has Abs

A recent news story about how bikinis may no longer be the official uniform for women’s beach volleyball motivated me to look at what the present costume is. That’s how I bumped into Kerri Lee Walsh-Jennings who with teammate Misty May-Treanor were the gold medalists in beach volleyball at both the 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympics. They have been called “the greatest beach volleyball team of all time.”

Of course I picked this picture, because it’s so rare to see women with abs.

In this photo by Jamie Squire: Kerri Walsh (left) and Misty May-Treanor celebrate during the women’s gold medal match against China during Day 13 of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

And for those the least bit curious, here are excerpts from the AP news story I mentioned:

Under new rules adopted by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB), players are now free to wear shorts and sleeved tops. The governing body said the move was made out of respect for the cultural beliefs of some of the countries still in contention to qualify for the games.

But top players say they won’t be switching from the beach- and TV-friendly bikinis to the more modest uniforms approved recently by the International Volleyball Federation as a nod to countries where more modest attire is preferred.

“It’s something I really feel comfortable with,” said Kerri Walsh, who with Misty May-Treanor won the gold medal in Athens and Beijing while wearing the standard beach volleyball uniform: a two-piece bathing suit. “It’s something I feel empowered by, not distracted with. I’m not a sex symbol; I’m an athlete. I want to be streamlined out there.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Avoid Wars By Playing Ping Pong Instead

Obama and Cameron play ping pong—5/2011

I have heard recently that ping pong is the largest organized sport in the world, enjoyed by 300 million people. China alone has 100 million of them, and the sport is played in 200 countries. Maybe the world’s leaders should have ping pong matches instead of wars to solve sticky issues.

Prime Minister David Cameron of England is in the States enjoying a state dinner tonight with President Obama. So it seems the right moment to post these two photos taken in London last year.

Go Barack! Slam, slam slam—5/2011

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Novak’s Abs Show Well After Win

Novak Djokovic bares his abs after winning the Australian Open—1/29/12

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Jason Statham Fight Scenes And Training Approach

In case you aren’t familiar with Jason Statham’s films, above is a sample.

Jason before and after—could this before photo be real?

Jason Statham filled out for Death Race

There is so much interest in Jason’s physical transformation and growth into a top action star that I have collected two interviews. Notice his diet and that his workout routine is not a regular routine at all. Maybe I should shake up my own training activities. In the first interview below, he admits how miserable the training makes him. I can easily relate to that.

Q. You’re in such good shape in this movie (Death Race). What was the training like?

JASON STATHAM: In terms of the training? It changed a lot. The training schedules were put together by a guy called Logan Hood he’s an ex-Navy seal who’s pretty intense. The good thing about his sessions is nothing was ever repeated. We’d hawk back to the old starlets of exercise, using everything that uses your own body weight and the very basic things like pull-ups and pushups and squats and dead lifts, power planes, that kind of thing, sprints, explosive power stuff.
Q. Every day?

JASON STATHAM: Six days a week, yeah.
Q. For how long per day?

JASON STATHAM: Not that long, actually. 40 minutes, 45 minutes, sometimes an hour.
Q. What kind of diet did you have during your shoot?

JASON STATHAM: It was lots of protein, lots of vegetables, fruit, nuts, berries, a little bit of dairy, no refined carbohydrates, no pasta, no bread, no sugar, no juices.
Q. Did you find that difficult?

JASON STATHAM: It makes me very miserable. But you know, it’s in for a penny, in for a pound. You do it for a reason and it’s part of the job, so it’s nice to have that focus and dedication.
Q. Where you up early to train?

JASON STATHAM: Yes, we used to get up at 5, and hit the running machine which is no fun. Then we’d do an hour and then get ready and start the film. It’s amazing how much energy you get once you get into the routine.

Jason talks about his training for Death Race in the clip above.

Now here is the second interview after Transporter 3 came out.

How fit are you out of ten?

It depends. When I was filming Death Race I was extremely fit but right now… If I was a ten then, I’m probably about a six or seven now.

What level martial artist are you?

Movie level.

You recently lost 17lb (7.7kg) in six weeks. What did you eat?

Not much. Mainly protein, nuts and berries. I was a miserable bastard.

You also trained with a former Navy SEAL. Why him?

He leads by example. You see people working out with some trainers and the trainers look like they need a trainer. It’s bizarre how they get the job if they’re not in fucking amazing shape themselves.

What did you do with him?

I trained six days a week, 35 minutes a day. We had two rules: we wouldn’t do the same workout twice and we’d record everything. The main part of the session would be intense and involve heavy compound lifts, circuits, kettlebells and medicine balls. Read the rest of this entry »

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I Do 93 Push Ups, While Someone Else Does 1500

Herschel Walker does 1500 push ups a day

It’s now 42 days in a row (and 44/45) that I have done some exercise, whether bent over rows, push ups or bicycle crunches. A great achievement for me. It’s in addition to the sports I am doing. Especially on a day like today, when I played 3 3/4 hours of tennis continuously, am tired and still made myself do push ups before dinner. I am now up to 93, but this is comprised of many sets, so I did 40, then 9, then 7 then 6 sets of 6. I have to laugh, and you will too, when I tell you that the athlete pictured does quite a bit more each day: 1500. How does a human do so many??? My goal, which I have never achieved, is to equal my age in push ups without stopping. I couldn’t do it when I was 57, although I eventually reached that record number, and now I have to reach 70. This week my high was 50. A long way to go…

Here are some facts about Herschel Walker’s obsession: You can’t argue that 49-year-old Walker looks better then most men half his age. Unfortunately, it takes a very special kind of person to live Walker’s ultra-motivated, super dedicated, mega-healthy life.

Walker is a strict vegetarian and wakes up at 5:30 a.m. and does approximately 1,500 push-ups and 2,000 sit-ups, and has even used ballet training as strength training.

He is a former American college and professional football player. He played college football for the University of Georgia, was a three-time All-American, and won the 1982 Heisman Trophy. Walker began his professional football career with the New Jersey Generals of the United States Football League (USFL), before joining the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL). In the NFL, he also played for the Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants. He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1999.

Since retiring from professional football, Walker has also been known as a mixed martial artist.

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Growing Up And Working Out

Jonathan Lipnicki stole the show from Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire and is now a gym rat

I love to see how people change over the years and decades, so I was amused by pictures of child actors who work out as older guys. I was familiar with just one of them as a kid—Jonathan Lipnicki from Jerry Maguire—and felt badly that he built up his muscles for a movie requiring a buff body, and then his shirtless scenes were cut from the film. But he still works out 4-5 times a week, so he is on a healthy track…

Danny Bonaduce is funny: he goes to red carpet events topless. Maybe he should next follow Lady Gaga’s lead: she just stepped out bottomless.

Aaron Carter

Danny Bonaduce was in The Partridge Family

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Kirstie Alley Can Somehow Lose Weight—Like 100 Pounds!

young thin Kirstie—1979

a lot heavier

slimmed down—9/2011

My “large women” story yesterday led me to Kirstie Alley, a very famous sit com star who I knew almost nothing about and have never seen on TV (can you believe it?). So I learned a few amazing things about this formerly overweight personality who had a show called “Fat Actress” and still has a reality series documenting her weight loss called “Big Life.”

In a year she has lost 100 pounds. Some people have trouble losing 10 pounds, but Kirstie’s weight goes up and down like a yo-yo.

In a February 2010 trailer for her weight loss reality show, she said:

“I was thin my whole life, til I gained 75 pounds,” she says. “Then I lost 75 pounds, then I gained 75 pounds.”

The point of the show is to lose it again, and cameras will be there every step of the way along with her kids and staff. She says she hopes that this is the last time she goes through the process and is looking forward to being the skinny booty call instead of the fat booty call.

“I think it’s stupid to say you’re full figured,” she says. “Fuck you, you’re fucking fat!”

heavier days

The actress and former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant, 60, revealed to “Entertainment Tonight” this week that she had bought the same dress in a variety of sizes, from 14 to 4, and made a deal with herself to keep shedding pounds until she fit into the smallest size.

Early in 2010 Kirstie admitted she recently tipped the scales at 230 pounds. She weighed just 143 when she appeared on Oprah in a bikini in 2006.

thin Kirstie

For years I have noticed that people gain weight over time, but just a couple of pounds a year…that adds up to 40 pounds after two decades. And more after 30 years! There is now an epidemic in America: one third of people are overweight, and another third are obese. Leads to all kinds of health issues.

Too bad everyone doesn’t have Kirstie’s ability to be on TV and have the world watching your weight-loss success (or failure) for reinforcement. All that peer pressure. But maybe just telling your friends what you aim to do—and putting yourself on the spot—might be enough. Of course most people are afraid to fail, and certainly not publicly. So we keep our goals to ourselves, especially when it comes to losing weight. Plus…who wants to give up all that good-tasting food, alcohol and milk shakes!

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Andy Whitfield Gets Two Breaks: Good (Fame/Success) And Bad (Illness/Death)

Andy Whitfield as Spartacus

Added to the September 11th sadness was the death yesterday of actor Andy Whitfield, the former star of TV show “Spartacus: Blood and Sand,” which launched in January 2010. Portraying this muscular superhuman character was Whitfield’s big entertainment break. Two months later, a routine check-up revealed that he had non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and in 18 months he was gone. Life is a bitch sometimes.

Whitfield was from Wales but lived in Australia and was a relatively unknown actor until he was chosen for the series, a sex- and blood-soaked version of the early life of the Thracian gladiator who led a slave rebellion against the Roman ruling class from 73 to 71 B.C.

In December 2009, Andy was highlighted in a Men’s Health article (below) about how to exercise when you are busy and build up those beautiful muscles that earned him the part. Who would have imagined what was waiting for him just three months later. I hate it.

Ponder this scenario: You’ve just received a treasured job offer—a dream situation for your career, in fact—but it comes with a few unusual requirements. You have to go shirtless on the job, millions of people will watch you work that way, and oh yeah, you need to achieve and maintain 10 percent body fat or they’ll fire your ass. However, because you’re so busy doing this job, you have only 45 minutes, 3 days a week to exercise. Assuming you take the position, what would you do with that time? Go for a run? Hit the elliptical machine? Search the job boards? Hire a body double?

Andy working on his abs on set

This is precisely the predicament faced by Andy Whitfield, who plays the lead in the Starz television drama Spartacus: Blood and Sand (think Gladiator meets 300), which premieres January 22, 2010. “I’m filmed virtually naked in my Roman skivvies all day long,” says the 37-year-old actor. “So when I look in the mirror I’m driven by both vanity and fear.” You can probably relate.

It’s natural to assume that an actor has far more time for exercise than the average guy does. But Whitfield’s schedule probably isn’t much different from your own. After all, he has a wife and two young children and spends most days on set from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. “For Spartacus, we’ve committed 100 percent of our production time to creating great scenes,” says Whitfield. “So all the training I do is on my own time. And that’s pretty limited.” Sound familiar?

Now consider that job offer again. If you were Andy Whitfield, what kind of exercises would you do to stay lean on the job?

The list of exercises can be found here . The one he is doing in the picture above is described here :

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Gerard Butler Regains His Abs

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler has been in the news for losing a considerable amount of weight.

pudgy Gerard

But after revealing his ripped abs on Tuesday, it’s obvious he’s back to his tightly sculpted, King Leonidas-like form from the movie “300” (see below).

Like many actors prepping for a role, Butler, 41, has recently undergone a physical transformation. He dyed his curly locks blond and packed on the muscle to star in director Curtis Hanson’s upcoming surfing flick, Mavericks.

But it wasn’t a set photo that showed off Butler’s sexy new body. It was a casual snapshot of the Scottish actor changing before playing in a charity soccer match in Glasgow. Butler was spotted in the Celtic Football Club’s locker room, where he was about to don a team jersey before heading out to the pitch. He playfully posed for the photo by sticking his tongue out and making a silly face.

The “300” actor’s tip-top shape apparently helped his skills on the field, because his team, which included other British athletes and celebs, won 5-2 in a game benefiting the anti-poverty organization, Oxfam International.

Gerard mimics this famous 1951 photo of Albert Einstein

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Secrets Of An A-List Body: How To Get Daniel Craig’s Torso

Daniel Craig

I love the teasing headline and first sentence of this British newspaper article…which never delivers much. But the man does have abs…

We reveal how to get the enviable physiques of the stars. This week, Daniel Craig’s torso…

Daniel Craig follows a regimen of weights, running and interval training.

To maintain his legendary abs, 007 is said to work out five days a week and follows a tailored diet to aid muscle growth and repair.

Craig has worked with personal trainer Simon Waterson, who prescribes a remorseless regimen of weights, running and interval training.

Exercises include press-ups (push ups) as well as jumping and bounding to produce power.

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Andre Agassi Inducted Into The International Tennis Hall Of Fame

Andre Agassi and my daughter Skylar

I just spent four breathtakingly fabulous days watching the Campbell’s ATP Tennis tournament at the International
Hall of Fame facility in Newport, RI. And I also played on the grass courts there myself for seven hours during two of the days. (This included a 2 1/2 hour clinic, where I learned many useful tips I am eager to try out.) Prior to this trip, I had only hit on grass one hour in my life. Quite a thrill.

But even more exciting was attending some events that attracted a number of Hall of Famers, particularly this year’s two inductees, Andre Agassi and Peachy Kelmeyer, who launched the WTA and equal rights and prize money for women. Did you know that tennis is the most popular professional women’s sport in the world?

I was privileged to be able to thank Andre (who was sitting five feet from me) at a luncheon for his inspiration and contributions to the game and the world. I also saw and heard speak his wife, Steffi Graff and other previous inductees, including tennis greats Todd Martin, Vic Seixas, Rosie Casals, Donald Dell, Owen Davidson, Pam Shriver, tennis journalist/broadcast commentator Bud Collins, and famed tennis photographer Mike Adams.

Agassi gave a speech that was so emotional and filled with gratitude that some people—including Andre—were tearing up or crying. He said that he had been on the podium there twice before: once to introduce his wife, when she was inducted into the Fall of Fame in 2004, and secondly in his father’s imagination since the day Andre was born. Andre’s speech in the video starts at 10:30. You may want to listen to the first 30 seconds to hear a bit of what Andre has accomplished. A humble man who has given back so much. His foundation and college preparatory academy in Las Vegas that he hopes to replicate in other cities graduates 2000 inner-city kids a year. He has raised $150 million to help transform kids who might never have had a decent education, any self esteem and a chance for college. Andre himself only attended school up to 8th grade.

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Tommy Haas Has Abs

Tommy Haas

Off to an ATP tennis tournament this week in Newport, RI. I hope to hit balls on that surface myself. On Saturday, I will applaud Andre Agassi, when he is inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

The highest ranked player in the match is John Isner (#46), who beat Nicolas Mahut (#95) at Wimbledon last year, 70-68. This was the longest pro tennis match ever. I always felt sorry for Mahut…to lose such a marathon of a match. Mahut is also in the Newport draw. I hope he does well.

Tommy has abs

Another player whose name I recognize is Tommy Haas, who in 2002 was ranked 2nd in the world. What an achievement! However he has had numerous injuries over the years and even been unable to play for long stretches, so that now at age 33, he is ranked 768. But in tennis, 33 is ancient. What is it like to have been so high in the rankings and then to fade out so low. I feel sad for him too.

In reading about his career, I bumped into some pictures of him that show he has—or had—very pronounced abs. What do you think?

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Jason Segel Loses 30 Pounds After Seeing Photo Of His Fat Stomach

Here is another case history of a celebrity—this time Jason Segel—who loses 30 pounds after seeing a picture of how bad and fat he looked. He was so upset that he started exercising and eating less. “It was horrible,” he admits.

Although I never heard of him before I saw this video, I had seen him in two of his movies. Jason Jordan Segel (born January 18, 1980) is an American television and film actor, screenwriter, musician, known for his work with producer Judd Apatow on the short-lived television series Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared, the movies Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked Up, I Love You, Man, Gulliver’s Travels, and Despicable Me, and also for his role as Marshall Eriksen in the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother.

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Slow Mo Videos Of Top Women Tennis Players

I know these professional players are NOT ordinary people, but these slow motion videos are so mesmerizing and reveal such detail that I thought you’d enjoy seeing them. This is some of the beauty of the sport as depicted in a New York Times video by Dewey Nicks. (Try not to picture any grunting as heard in yesterday’s post.)

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Anthony’s Burpees

Another politician shows off his chest. What’s with these guys? Really dumb. Although I gather they are not thinking at all. There goes another career. He was going to run for mayor of New York. Now he is probably just going to run for his life…Below is a Daily Beast assessment:

Photos released this week of a bare-chested, bronzed Congressman Anthony Weiner revealed that he has a lot more in common with The Situation than he does with, say, congressional brethren like Barney Frank. For a 46-year-old, Weiner is ripped. “He’s not jacked like a gym buf, but he’s cut,” says Jeff Bell, a top personal trainer in New York who runs a business with Madonna’s ex, Carlos Leon. “Most heterosexual males in his category are not in his kind of shape. They’ve got a little tire around the waistline and they’re not as toned. Unless he’s a genetic freak, he’s definitely exercising.”

Weiner bares his chest for fans

So, how does a guy with middle-age spread get the kind of body he wouldn’t be embarrassed sending to a younger woman (or six)? Try the Weiner Workout. Our not-quite-resident-expert, Bell, whose previous clients include Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Lopez, and Brooke Shields, recommends a combination of pushups, pullups, burpees, and plank holds.

Never heard of the last two? That’s OK. As Bell explains, a burpee is a body-weight exercise you can do anytime, anywhere—even in the halls of Congress. You start by doing a squat, jumping into pushup position (hands and toes on the ground, body parallel to the floor), doing a pushup, jumping back into a squat, and then coming back up. Plank holds, meanwhile, are a core-strengthening exercise that can be done from a variety of positions, the simplest of which is like a pushup, except that the elbows are placed on the ground in front of the chest. Hold for 30-60 seconds, keeping the stomach tucked in.

“He’s doing stuff like 20-30 pushups at a time, with some situps and pullups thrown in,” says one New York celebrity trainer.

The idea with all of these exercises, says Bell, is multiple sets of high reps. “[Weiner’s] not doing five or six pushups with a weighted vest. He’s doing stuff like 20-30 pushups at a time, with some situps and pullups thrown in.”

Of course, exercise alone isn’t enough to achieve that ripped look. A good diet is a must.

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Janice Dickinson Will Become The Best-Looking Corpse On The Planet

I was at the gym again today—4th time in 11 days. I had to do some exercise, while I was resting my sore foot (had another cortizone shot today also). And I was missing muscles, definition and better tone, when I looked at myself in the mirror. If appearance matters so much to me, how can I fault a woman or a celebrity, a model or a TV personality from wanting plastic surgery to improve her looks?

Then I bumped into this clip of Janice Dickinson who is known for having all kinds of plastic surgery. She also says, “I’ve done just as much as every model and actress out there, I’m just willing to talk about it.” Check out what she’s had done, how she loves that Botox and how frank she is about all these physical improvements. And thanks to plastic surgery, she will turn into “the best-looking corpse on the planet.”

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Peter Jackson’s Method For Losing Weight

Peter Jackson lost 70 pounds

December 7, 2005—Peter Jackson has gone from a giant gorilla to a hunky monkey. The “King Kong” and “Lord of the Rings” director shed 70 pounds while shooting the monster movie remake by eating a strict diet of yogurt and muesli, getting little sleep and working around the clock, sometimes putting in 21-hour days.

“It’s already been dubbed the “Skull Island Diet” by the diet Web site, named after the, tortuous jungle where King Kong was born.”

You can read more details about his weight loss at this site .

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Women Bodybuilders With Abs

In my two previous posts, I showed pictures of the stomachs of female celebrities and wondered how the fan mags could rave about non-existent or barely perceptible abs (with one exception—Shakira). I also admitted that I was having little success in finding women celebrities with defined abs, except for singers like Mel B and Gwen Stefani. Maybe it’s because they are dancing and jumping on stage so much…or they work out extra hard in the gym to be able to do all that movement in performance.

I wondered if women had different kinds of abs than men, the way they can’t generally do push ups like men, or do have hips wider apart (so they can deliver babies). I mean we all agree the anatomies are different. I went to a web site called and found a few examples of women who really work out. These are not celebrities, in fact their names are rarely posted. But they do have abs…

Hahahahahahahaha…We all have to laugh at me—I just found out that one of the women won the 2010 Miss Universe bodybuilding competition last year. Learning about these various fitness and pop culture worlds is one of the great joys of writing for this site. Maybe some of the other women are famous too. Let me know.

Anita Hess—Miss Universe 2010

woman bodybuilder with defined abs

another woman with abs

young woman with abs

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Some Female Celebs With Some Abs

Now here are a few female celebs who start to show some muscle. Don’t misunderstand, please. I am not putting these women down. I can imagine how much effort they spent making their bodies look this good. I am only focusing on their abs. It’s easy to find men with six packs that really look like washboards. But when it comes to women, it seems incredibly rare.

So here are some of the better female star examples I can find. I put two shots of Shakira here, because you can start to see some defined abs in the picture on the lower left. Maybe it’s all that jumping around on stage that does it for her, whereas the other two women are models who mostly walk the runway.

Erin Heatherton


Candice Swanpoel


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Where Are The Abs?

Maybe someone can explain to me why some of the pop sites show photos of female celebrities’ stomachs with captions raving—positively shouting—about how great their abs are…not just their mid-sections or their overall body svelteness, but their abs. I remain perplexed.

I know some of these women are sex goddesses, top actresses, famous singers. They are definitely attractive. And they may have toned bodies that can be applauded for overall fitness. But I can’t appreciate the abs that I see…or rather don’t see.

Are the fan magazines referring to that slight vertical muscle showing on Adriana Lima’s stomach? I thought abs were horizontal muscles…

Stacy Keibler

Megan Fox

Lake Bell

Adriana Lima

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Another Politician In Trouble For Showing Abs

French Abs-bassador to Tunisia in trouble for this picture

Here is an article from The Daily Beast that shows why you should be careful baring your chest if you are a politician.

With his killer abs and fiery temper, France’s new ambassador to Tunisia triggered an international incident after a swimsuit photo—and some undiplomatic videos—hit the Web. Eric Pape on why some are saying the Abs-bassador must resign.

France may be a nation famous for grandiloquent old diplomats, but in post-revolutionary Tunisia it seems to be represented by a blunt, moody, and coarse-tongued ambassador who is as ripped as Mark Wahlberg in a Calvin Klein ad .

For all we know, there could be countless closeted musclemen in the French diplomatic corps. It isn’t as though they post hunky photos of themselves on social-networking sites, right? But then, it seems, there is Boris Boillon. A photo of the recently appointed 41-year-old ambassador to Tunisia shows Boillon in sleek briefs-style swimwear. The picture was screen-captured from Copains d’avant, (Buddies from Before) a French social-networking site.

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Natalie Portman Loses 20 Pounds For Movie Role

thin Natalie Portman as ballerina in Black Swan

Here is another actor who can lose weight at will. How do these people do it so easily, when normal humans struggle unsuccessfully most of the time just to lose 10 pounds?

The 5-foot-3-inch starlet worked out between five and eight hours a day to shed 20 pounds from her already tiny frame so she could play a prima ballerina. “At a certain point, I looked at [Natalie’s] back, and she was so skinny and so cut … I was like, ‘Natalie, start eating,’” says Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky. “I made sure she had a bunch of food in her trailer.”

2010 Natalie in movie

2007 Natalie

“It was really extreme,” Portman said of her physical commitment to the role. “And I definitely felt both physical and mental aftershocks from the experience, because it was the first thing I’ve ever done that was this physically demanding on top of an emotionally demanding part,” she said.

Portman also said that, although she and Aronofsky first discussed the project nearly a decade ago, she needed more age and experience to tap into certain aspects of her character.

“For me, it’s really about someone going from a position, an artistry where you’re trying to please other people, to a position where you’re finding pleasure yourself,” she said. “And Vincent [Cassel]‘s character, though it seems that he’s sort of puppeteering this character, he is really guiding her towards becoming an artist and is really teaching her how to find her own pleasure and make a true expression of herself, that it’s about her.”

The 29-year-old went on to say that she related to her character finally realizing that it’s not her job to make others happy. “It’s about breaking out of a system where you’re easily replaceable by the next girl who looks like you…But the older you get, the less you care about what other people think and the more you just want to be your true self and express your true self.”

After posting this story, I just read another that only has to do with the movie, nothing to do with Natalie.

This is more sad than ridiculous. Call it sadly ridiculous.

The Guardian of London reports that a man in Latvia was shot and killed in a Riga movie theater after a dispute over popcorn during a screening of Black Swan. The victim, a 43-year old man, accused the assailant of chewing his popcorn too loudly, the papers report, something the accused did not take kindly.

The alleged shooter, a 27-year old police academy graduate who holds a law degree and has the legal right to carry a pistol, waited until the lights came back on to fire the gun. Possibly a questionable decision. Fellow moviegoers called the police, who cuffed the accused.

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