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Unsung Athletic Achievements

I was away at a memorial service for a distant relative (by marriage) I only met once. Among the upbeat facts I learned are that Jim was incredibly fond of canoeing in Canada and driving and hanging out there in the outdoors with his wife who preferred kayaking. He went so often that he was practically viewed as a Canadian in heart and spirit. Unforgettably there was a 12-inch, green replica canoe on top of the box that contained his ashes…and we all sang the Canadian national anthem to the moving sounds of a live trumpet player.

So I thought during the service of this man’s unsung athleticism and involvement with sport. He had achievements that were not widely celebrated, though he was so skilled with his hands, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he built his full-scale canoes himself.

At the reception afterward, I met a friend of Jim’s who owned a DeTomaso Pantera that Jim helped set up between races. Jim knew a lot about engines, I heard. And there was a Volkswagon Beetle that Jim owned and restored and entered in local shows.

Most of us live modest lives that lead to no fame and riches. But we are often able to actively enjoy sport and athletics. Many simply from the couch…and others like Jim thrive in the outdoors. I heard often that he was a gentle and very knowledgeable man. I wish we had lived nearby, so we could have enjoyed knowing each other.

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You Won’t Believe Some Of These

I am almost speechless after watching this People Are Awesome 2013 video. There are athletic stunts and achievements here I have never even heard of, and many are clearly somewhat established “sports.” It also reminds me how nuts some people are to take these risks…like walking a tightrope between two moving trucks about to enter two different tunnels. Still can’t believe that is for real.

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Kayaking Pioneer Derek Hutchinson Made History Risking His Life

the first person to cross the North Sea in a kayak

Derek Hutchinson died October 10th. He is regarded as a pioneer of the sport of sea kayaking, and was often referred to as “…our Sea Daddy. He is also a supreme example of individuals who risk their lives in the pursuit of sporting activity and wanting to be the first to achieve certain amazing goals. No guts, no glory. Trailblazers like Derek are our heroes. Here is an excerpt from his obituary:

Mr. Hutchinson entered kayaking lore in August 1975 with a spectacular failure. He was leading five kayakers in one-person kayaks in an attempt to cross the capriciously perilous North Sea from England to Belgium, a distance of more than 100 miles, when things began to go wrong.

They found they had to paddle continuously to maintain control of the kayaks. They could not sleep, because unattended kayaks could easily flip and they could drown. But with only primitive navigation equipment and a rough sea, they ultimately had no idea where they were. They hallucinated, vomited and suffered hypothermia and dehydration.

gone at 79 after a spectacular and varied life

After 34 grueling hours in which they veered eight miles off course, a passing ferry spotted their last remaining signal flare and picked them up.

But redemption came the next June, when Mr. Hutchinson and two companions, Tom Catsky and Dave Hellywell, completed the crossing in 31 hours, setting a world record for distance traveled in a kayak. They succeeded by recognizing the surging, dangerous currents that had thwarted them the first time and tying up to a giant buoy until the tide changed.

The expedition proved the seaworthiness of kayaks Mr. Hutchinson had designed. “The North Sea crossing was a milestone,” Mr. Hutchinson said years later. “It took the kayak out of the toy-boat class and put it into the serious deep-sea craft category.”

…His gift for the colorful phrase was indisputable. “Hold your paddle like a fairy holds her wand, not how a witch holds her broomstick!” he exhorted his pupils.

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