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*The ELLIPTICAL CROSS TRAINER gives you less bounce to the ounce:

For every ounce of weight you lose, for every calorie you burn off, for every globule of fat you get rid of— the elliptical cross trainer machine will give you less bounce per ounce. Big deal, you say? Well, it is a big deal when you consider the pounding your body takes as you rack up miles on your trainer machine. Just talk to a jack hammer machine operator. He’ll tell you about shake, rattle and roll and the dangers of getting all shook up. Remember, you’re using trainer machines to give your muscles a workout, not the delicate organs inside.

That’s why, if running on trainer machines is included in your wellness or body-building program, a good trainers review will recommend elliptical trainer machines best for you. Because of the bio-mechanics of the elliptical shape, there’s less stress at every position of the elliptical path, without the sudden “drop-off” found in circular paths. This “drop-off” is like walking along, not realizing there’s a step down, and then your whole body goes ker-plunk and out of whack!

Without this stress anywhere along the machines elliptical path there’s a smoother ride for your internal organs inside. While outside there’s a greatly reduced physical impact on the joints of the body— mainly the ankles, knees and hips. Now, with these bodily areas taken care of and protected, you can put your attention back where it belongs. On the rest of your body.


Oar else you’ll have to exercise much harder and longer to get in good physical shape. Not counting the pain, or the strain you might get from other exercise machines. A rowing exercise machine lets you exercise almost every muscle group in your body. Read the rest of this entry »

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