Oh boy oh boy oh boy. So I am making all this progress towards fitness and better health, and some people around me are really upset and pissed.

The reports are coming in gradually in roundabout ways, but here is the basic story. My ability to be disciplined in avoiding high-cholesterol foods is contrasting with others’ inability to cut back on their own caloric intake. So they are embarrassed and annoyed by my success. They don’t want to hear about it, and I have been asked not to talk about my diet, my web site and its content in their presence.

When my cholesterol numbers were just one digit away from the heart attack zone, and I was scared I could die, I suddenly stopped eating high cholesterol foods. I thought possible instant death was a pretty good motivator. I mean we aren’t talking here about a few extra pounds of cute chubbiness. I was terrified.

No matter. It’s offensive and insensitive at some people’s dinner tables for me to be saying “No” to cheese or creamy soups in their’ presence. It would be better if I just ate what I consider life-threatening foods that are offered. Even in restaurants, I shouldn’t be asking about the ingredients of certain dishes. All this discipline I am displaying is really not nice. It’s even very inconsiderate of those in the room who are not able to avoid foods that are making them weigh more than they would like to weigh.

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