In response to the jealousy and resentment my eating discipline is generating (see post on August 17th), Tresa Stephens described the pressure she experiences to overeat junk food back home:

I think that the pressure others put on us to jump on the band wagon and eat absolute dietary garbage is unfair. Especially considering I just read an article in Time Magazine (,8599,1914857,00.html/) this month about how exercise isn’t as important as diet when attempting weight loss. So many Americans are obese and apparently just hitting the treadmill doesn’t cut it when it comes to cutting fat.

I know I’ve also encountered opposition while dieting myself. In the south, you’re expected to eat ALL THE TIME. The inability to digest greasy, enormous, fattening portions is basically considered a sign of weakness or illness. Admittedly, when I was younger I hardly noticed the pressure that people put on me to finish the very last bit of whatever tasty, deep-fried/re-fried/stir-fried/chicken-fried face-sized piece of whatever I had on my plate, but since moving off to college in New York (land of expensive portions no bigger than your fist) I’ve opened my eyes and assimilated to the New York diet. I eat less (probably because I can afford less) and therefore make wiser decisions when it comes to what nutrients I’m spending my hard-earned dollars on. Since moving to the city I’ve noticed I eat fewer fatty foods and generally just feel healthier.

The only problem arrises when I return home to visit my family. They expect my old eating habits Read the rest of this entry »

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