after 10 months of almost no crunches, but lots of tennis—8/6/11

after a personal best of 1400 crunches—10/14/10

I started doing a few crunches today—three sets of just 100. The most in almost 10 months. After I hit a high of 1600 (three sets with just a minute break between them) and had maximum definition, I lost interest. These days, in spite of frequent tennis playing, I sometimes see a bit of a belly puffing out. Maybe the crunching gave my stomach more tone. I don’t like that puffiness. It scares me.

So I started working again on my abs. My son gave me a video that will show me how to have great abs in just eight minutes a day! We’ll see. On the left is the much greater definition I was proud of last October…On the right is where I am today. The tennis provides good cardio and keeps my weight from rising. I am now back down to 174 pounds, about three or four below the time I gained 12 pounds, because people said I looked too thin. I’d love to put on some muscle again. Fortitude and determination is what I need. I wish it were easier. I wish I loved it. The gain only comes with pain. I hate the pain…