Plastic surgeon, Jim Lyons, has been working out for years, written a book about diet and health, and exudes health and vigor. That’s why his words below are so impactful:

Dr. Jim Lyons works out and watches his diet

As the author of The Brown Fat Revolution, a Diet and Exercise program to lose weight and the sloppy yellow fat, I must say that I take great pride in what I have personally accomplished by living according to my own principles for the last 20 years. The results of consistent training and healthy eating can be so gradual that the individual who lost the weight and gained lean muscle does not see a dramatic difference in the mirror. As a plastic surgeon , I am well aware of the disconnect between what is real and what people see in their mirrors!

I have found that the way that I look makes people react to me in a very interesting way. There is a clear subliminal message that one projects when they look fit. I know that obese individuals tell unfortunate stories on how their physical appearance defines the way the world treats them.

In my case, strangers come up to me and ask me what I eat or how I train. Commonly, both women and men (none of whom know that I wrote a diet and exercise book) approach me in the gym to ask training questions. More subtle and interesting is the way I am treated in restaurants. When I order a meal that comes with fries, the waiter will always say, “you do not want the fries, right” I recently had occasion to order a bagel at a coffee shop and the server said, “you want the “whole wheat” right?”….or…. “Of course, you do not want to see the dessert menu.”

We live an intensely visual world and appearance definitely affects the way people react to us. This is a fact! Beyond the self-gratification and healthiness of being in control of the way you look, the opportunity to say that you are in control without words is extremely empowering….one of the many benefits of respecting yourself by paying attention to the condition of your body. It’s all good!