I am finally catching up on a summary of my physical activity…but for the last six months. As usual travel and various responsibilities ate into the time available. I was too lazy to write it up each month. So here are the facts.

I feel very fit, my weight has stayed between 173 and 175 (low was 167, high was 178), and I am grateful that I can play tennis like I did three of the last four days…for 4.25, 4.5, and 2.5 hours. I know that many people my age can’t play at all, like the college classmate who received the invite to play tennis at our reunion next month and wrote sadly to me that “In my day, I could have whipped anyone’s butt. Now I’m lucky if I can even walk. So wish I could join you.”

The real challenge for me is after playing tennis for 2+ hours to have the strength—both physical AND mental—to then be more active, whether push ups, crunches or other exercise. I feel too tired, though I know my physical life is very respectable, even impressive, to some friends who live on their couches. And at least I am doing something physical, whether hours of tennis or five minutes of push ups, from 15 to 21 days each month.

My record for doing major physical activity in a month was 25 days in November 2009. Beginning this past March, I was active the following number of days per month (and I AM counting just push ups or some crunches): 17, 21, 15, 20, 16, 19.

My record number of tennis-playing days is 18 in June 2010. So my recent summaries are: 6, 17, 9, 17, 13, 12.

My record for playing tennis in a month is 42.75 hours. I recently did: 14.75, 35.25, 12.5, 37.5, 36.75, 26.

I only played squash in March: twice for 2.5 hours.

I only went skiing in March; twice for 6.5 hours. And one day of snowmobiling.

My crunch activity per month has waned: 2, 3, 0, 3, 3, 7.

I rarely go to the gym or do exercises (with weights) at home: 1, 1, 5, 0, 0, 1.

I have done a few push ups over the months: 4 (55 was the most), 2, 0, 3, 3, 5 (51 was the most). Maybe 11 times in January 2011 was my record.

I did wall sits prior to the ski trip in March. Six minutes was my best time.

In May I went hunting twice for nine hours. Never close enough to draw the bow.