He just won Wimbledon and the most Grand Slam titles of any player ever. He may be the greatest player ever. How is he so good?

A coach of 50 years, Frank Adams (who’s ideas and videos are on this site) said that Roger has better instinct and intuition than his competitors.

Writer Cynthia Gorney said “…Federer — who usually has uncanny on-court telepathy about what his opponent plans for three shots hence and exactly how to wreck it…”
(From a June 21, 2009 New York Times Magazine article by her about Rafael Nadal.)

Looking ahead reflectively at chess moves is essential to be a champion. But to do it as well on a tennis court? I have enough trouble anticipating just the next shot coming back at me. How does a pro predict three shots ahead? Let’s see, if I hit here, then he will hit there, then I will hit there and he will hit here…all in fractions of a second. I suspect his brain and reflexes work faster than most humans, so that he has more time to react and plan. Plus he has superb—actually the most superior—handling and placement skills. The tennis announcers are always saying he has great hands, great feel.

There are men I play with who claim they can look at the angle of the server’s racket and anticipate which side of the serving box the ball will go to. I can’t. Some of the other guys don’t believe the first guy can actually do that. Can you?