Even if you have heard of jai alai, most people haven’t seen it live or maybe even at all. These two videos will bring you up to speed. The next step is to go watch it in Spain or Miami. And then you can try it out at amateur frontons in Connecticut and Florida. There is so much to do, so little time…

This first video will give you a great intro to the sport.

The second one shows you what the players are doing, but skip right to 1:10 to avoid a Basque dance and weak titles.

This last one is me on the court, my first time ever. My friend Rudy (who plays 2-3 times a week) and his jai alai buddies were all amazed that I was able to do as well as I did my first time. Can’t wait to go back…

A comment from Rudy:

2011/11/12 at 10:42 AM

My BEST student. Can’t wait until you come back and play with us at Miami Amateur Fronton.

A comment from Bruscio:

2011/11/12 at 7:46 PM

Good job, you taught him well. How about both of you come play with us one of these days. Session day/times can vary.