Falling behind schedule these last days—only going to the gym once a week. And not working at home. Uh oh. Not a good sign. Only excuse is lots of tennis, four days out of town, and some tiredness from changed diet due to taking doxycline to fight Lyme’s disease.

But I did set some crunch records each time:

On July 10th I did 85+60+75+60=280 bicycle crunches followed by 100 ball crunches. Previous record was 250 bicycles in 4 sets. Then only 8 pull ups + 7 chin ups (record is 10+6½).

On July 14th, I did 150+100+100=350 ball crunches (record was 300), supermans on the ball that lasted 15 seconds some times, and only 7 pull ups + 6 chin ups. Not too bad, considering that I played tennis in the morning.

Today I never made it to the gym, but I did do 9 chin ups followed within a minute by 6 (or 7) pull ups. And the 45-lb dumbbells felt a bit light for bent over rows.