Watch these two, #3 and #4, after viewing the first two that I posted on January 9th. If you only have time for two, watch the earlier two first. I applied some of the Video #2 techniques yesterday, and was very happy with the results. A shame I have been poaching at the wrong time all these years. But no one ever taught me the precise way to do it, which is to start moving toward the ball during the opponent’s swing…not after the ball is hit, and you see that it is a cross court shot. Duhhhhhh. No wonder I missed so many of my attempted poaches in the past, and some players are there all the time, as if they know where the ball is going and can anticipate where to move in advance. What a great feeling. And after you make this commitment, if your opponent drives it past you down the alley…don’t sweat it. It’s a low percentage shot.