This is too funny. I am often grateful when others share tips and techniques with me from all their years playing a sport, like tennis. Yesterday at a squash clinic, I was urged to turn my shoulder more to gain power. I thought I would do it today during four hours of tennis, and it really helped.

Yesterday I also watched the Bryan brothers videos and learned the complete way to poach. So when I arrived this morning at the courts, I was anxious to try this technique too. Arriving early, I saw a tennis friend on another court and told her how excited I was to poach with my new knowledge. Then when she asked what I meant, I described it to her. However the three men for my game never showed up. The organizer had made a mistake, and I was not going to play at all…until one man (on the court there) said he was too tired and would be happy if I filled in for his doubles game. I did eagerly and quickly realized that my opponent was going to be the woman I had just told about my new poaching technique.

You guessed it: she did everything she needed to to prevent me from applying my newly acquired info. I think I was able to poach against her side just 3-4 times in the two sets I faced her. Next time I might keep my mouth shut…at least until after we play. But of course it’s all fun. Good thing I am not a desperate killer on the court.

By the way, this was the second time in a week that I have played four-plus hours of tennis in a day. And yesterday was continuously…no break for lunch or rest. I was definitely tired, almost punchy the last set of seven yesterday. And the last four sets were singles. But I can’t seem to get enough of this activity. I love it. And I am extremely fortunate that I have the time and physical ability to do it.