In response to my post two days ago about keeping secrets secret, Joe Marshall had a similar story:

Good tale. I beat X the first time I played him in singles, then told him how he could have beaten me. It was about five years before I beat him again. I used to own Y. I could even blow him off the court by serve and volley….then I told him to mix in lobs……he beat me 10 times in a row (I finally got him this year)…..But I figure in some ways, it’s good that they know your weaknesses, forces you to work on them…..Don’t tell anyone in a tournament, though.

Today my partner and I lost 1-6 in the first set. Painful. Especially when I was trying out my new poaching method learned from the Bryan brothers video. Then I took lots of Joe’s advice for the rematch, like switching sides with my same partner (keep them if you win), running to the opposite side base line when I was lobbed (so my partner doesn’t have to keep running from one side of the base line to the other), taking up the two-in-the-back defense, rather than the weaker one-forward-one-back arrangement, and many other tricks. We were ahead amazingly 5-1, and finished the set 6-4. The rubber match was pretty even. We traded games up to 4-4, broke ahead at 5-4, and I served the winning game to take the set 6-4. Very satisfying, especially for my female partner who relished beating her husband on the other side.

It was a very exciting and challenging day of tennis. I am looking forward to the next games, when I can practice poaching, lobs and my weak back hand. What a thrill to improve so dramatically and come back from behind by using strategy, rather than needing just fantastic serves and strokes.