Still progressing. We had a little Easter Egg Hunt in our back yard for friends (their kids, really), so I didn’t do any physical activity until Monday. I set a new record number of leg scissors–110. I lean back, legs out, and alternate right over left, left over right. It is an agony, but I bested my usual 100 at the gym. This is the first time I have ever done these scissors at home.

Then I did some push ups–I stopped at 45. How the hell do some people do 1000 of these, and touching their chests to the floor. I only touch my nose. Amazingly, I always make it to 35 without much of a problem, and then the pain starts. In my whole life, the most I ever did non-stop was 57, when I was practicing many times a week. Maybe now I can build up again–my goal at one point was to equal my age, so I have to get from 45 to 68. Sounds like a real challenge.

There was one period when I would do 40 to 50, stop and take 10 deep breaths, then do some more, breathe another 10 times and see how far I could go before almost collapsing. After many months, I reached around 150…but I strained my right wrist and ended that phase. As easy as it sounds to just take a break from work and do a few push ups, I have never been able to make myself do that…or want to do that badly enough. Now is my time. And abs workouts especially.

I have a book of exercises from Gold’s Gym, and I have located some web sites that spell out abs-building exercises among others, and I am very very motivated.