Still doing some kind of gym-type exercise every day in addition to sports activities like tennis, squash and skiing. Yesterday was my 80th day in a row (and 82 out of 83 days) that I was disciplined enough to spend 5-18 minutes lifting weights, doing push ups or abs crunches. I had gone in 28 days from 129 push ups to 135, 150, 157, 177, and then 202 yesterday. It took 18 minutes yesterday and 27 sets (of 5-8), excluding the first one of 48. Unlike gym rats, I do not like to exercise. Lately I have been resisting these push ups and going from three times a week to now just once a week as the numbers got larger, and the time to do them took longer.

I’ve also dreaded doing them. It’s taken a huge psychological push to do push ups. And then today after just two hours of tennis, my right wrist area was hurting slightly. So I may have overdone it and strained myself a bit. I did find that by taking 10 breaths between each set, I could keep going relatively easily. I remember when 100 seemed like a big deal. Maybe I could build up to 300 or 500.

At the same time, the number I do first without stopping is generally 45-50. That number has plateaued. My goal is to equal my age, so I will now work harder and more frequently to improve the number I can do without stopping.

So often in my life, I have resolved to do exercises and either given up or injured myself to force me to give up. And then it is too big an obstacle to start over. This time I will slow down BEFORE I injure myself, change my goal, and see if I can be satisfied with the new direction. Stay in touch.