Some of my friends think I have a bit of athletic talent…or at least moderate proficiency…age aside. So after watching four days of squash, I was itching to get back on the court myself. To not overdo it and remember the motions, I hit balls yesterday morning for 30 minutes. Then later the same day, I played with a friend.

To be completely honest, I was decimated. So here is an email I sent to the squash coach at the school where I play squash:

Dear G—

I played my first match this year and, as usual, lost every game. I have never beaten this friend. He was impressed how well I hit the ball when we warmed up. Then we played games, and I still can’t return a serve high off the side wall. I lose almost all my points by missing the ball completely or hitting it so poorly that he just puts the ball away on the next shot.

He likes to play 9-point games. Once he serves, he just wins straight points. I only get a few because he lets me serve first. So I lose 2-9 or 4-9. Once I had him 7-4…then he served right to 9-7. Last game I had him 1-0. Then he served 9 straight points.

So G— do you have a student I can pay to just hit serves to me for a few sessions? I must practice this return of serve off the wall. I’m pretty frustrated and have to learn to handle this shot…(end of email)


Today I played tennis for over three hours. All the players are very strong, and I have the weakest serve. So my team almost always loses, because I am broken frequently, when it is my turn to serve. Otherwise we are very competitive. Lost one set in a tie break, and then the next two, 2-6, 2-6.

Ahh the challenges of sport. You gotta love ’em…even if they are maddening. And I can’t rationalize one iota by telling myself that my opponents have been playing for decades. I must get better!!!

By the way, I have realized that in both sports I need to have stronger quads, so that I can bend my knees to achieve power in the tennis serve and reach quickly for the squash ball. So now I have more exercises to do…push ups, abs, lats and now quads. aaaaaaarrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh.