Well the squash lesson two days ago helped a lot. I did play much better, earned 4 points two or three games and 2 and 3 points some of the others. We had some strong rallies, I made it to the ball more often, and I came back to the center instead of staying on the edge. I hit the forehand and backhands correctly and even powerfully at times. But I lost too many points being unable to return his serve off the wall from my backhand.

What is that about? I was returning that shot maybe 80% of the time in the lesson, and one day later against an opponent only hitting the ball 40 to 50%? My coach said it is easy to make a correct swing, but the perfect swing gets harder when you add a ball to the mix and have to hit it—even when you are just practicing by yourself. Is that true for all facets of one’s life? The rehearsal goes great, and the live performance is often flawed. But at least those practice sessions give you a better chance at improving the real thing.

To console myself after dinner, I worked on my abs while watching television. This was rare–to actually remember to exercise and to also have the follow through to actually DO the drills. So painful and so much effort. But it feels so good when I stop. And there is that satisfyingly relaxed tiredness that comes from pushing yourself physically.

I love the feeling of leaving the gym after a workout, and am even a little jealous of the people exiting when I am first arriving. But at least I am persevering more than ever before. Where are those abs that have been dormant my whole life? Wake up you guys, hibernation time is over!!