July 17th—Some exercises at home…core roller, bent over rows, and 10+6 chin ups+pull ups

July 18th—Set a bicycle crunch record: 100+60+70+60=290+150 ball crunches (up from 280 bicycles +100 ball crunches). Did set chin up+pull up record of 10+8, up from 10+6½.

July 21st—New exercise-ball crunch record of 160+60+140=360 (up from 350). Lots of pain, and the abs were really popping. A big achievement, given I didn’t want to go to the gym, though I went at 8:30 pm, very reluctantly, lots of procrastination, was tired, but was inspired by Charlie Narwold’s urging to make the abs burn. Only 10+6 chins+pulls. But I was also able to hold Supermans on the ball for 60 seconds—both left and right hands. That is a long way from trying to do it for 2 seconds. And I did those AFTER the crunches. I love the progress.

July 22nd—Went to the gym yet again and did 11+8 pull ups+chin ups…another new record. Also heavier dumbbells for bent over rows. And 1 1/2 hours of racketball, my third time ever, including a hard lesson from an experienced player who mentored me.