Made it to the gym yesterday for 1¼ hours. Pretty tired after two days of tennis and squash. Couldn’t do as many reps as usual on some machines. So I did extra ab exercises.

I am so silly–I keep looking at my stomach to see how puffed out the muscles become. Hardly anything showing, but I can see little mounds growing…if I move around so the light is just right and creates longer shadows Must be what young girls entering puberty go through, checking their chests all the time. Anxiously looking for those promised signs of womanhood. Oh well, I am watching for signs of real manhood.

Wiped out later on and a bit sore…I had strained a little on a lower back exercise. Hope this doesn’t keep me from exercising at all–I am determined to make it to the gym eight times this month. Have been there just five times so far, so three more to go in nine days.

I heard that you are supposed to go three or four times a week for maximum muscle growth and also work on different muscle groups each time. I do the same upper body routine each time, three sets of six to eight reps per machine. I was told to use enough weight to cause you to strain by rep six, and I add weight every few weeks if I can—five to 15 pounds minimum, depending on the machine. This should build bulk faster than less weight and less strain and 12 to 15 reps.

It’s amazing how many different systems and points of view there are on body building. One would imagine that after a few thousand years a particular approach had proven itself clearly to be the best. But it just ain’t so…

Had an errand today near the gym, so I was back without a rest day. I decided to focus almost solely on my abs…and to also experiment on a 30 inch exercise ball. I chose a bright orange one and experimented with the various ab exercises I’d printed from a web site in England I’d found by browsing
that showed a photo of a guy with a great six-pack.


Maybe that could be me some day…sure. Yeah right. Why not?

Anyway I spent most of an hour doing ab drills described in the Abs Workout with what they call the Swiss Ball. Boy is that ball stuff hard. You should try it. So unstable. I could barely lie on it, stomach down with both legs stretched horizontal and palms in front on the floor, and then extend one of my arms. Verrrrrrrry demanding. And it looks so easy in the picture.


But it’s practically impossible. And these lifts are called Supermans! I can feel why—you have to be as strong as the Man of Steel. Wonder why they’re not SuperWHOAmans? I sure struggled not to move around and fall off, like when I first learned to ride and stay on a horse.

So now I like the ball as well as the core roller. If I buy some of these toys, my house may start looking like a gym.

In the locker room I was looking to see if any of my abs were showing, when a real beefy hulk came in. Probably had a 60 inch chest–I think mine is about 40. He had on a tank top with enormous arms displayed. I asked him how long it took to make some abs. He smiled and said he drank too much to ever have abs. I guess he preferred the liquid kind of six-pack to the solid muscular type