Forgive my bragging, but this is really a terrific achievement for me. I challenged myself to do some kind of exercise every day—even if just 5-10 minutes—no matter where I was, time of day, or what I did. I completed this much of the goal—150 continuous days—with five sets of push ups: 21, 25, 21, 21, 32 with 90 seconds rest between sets, except for 120 seconds before the last set. Exhausting.

This has changed my life completely, because I do them in the evenings, and I won’t eat usually until I have done the task. And many of the days, like today, I played squash for an hour after working during the day. So I came home at 8 pm and couldn’t get up the energy to do the exercise until 9:15. This is mostly an effort to stay disciplined, and I have not been a disciplined person ever before, when it comes to regular exercise.

Many of the early days, I ate and then read or watched TV until I felt able to exercise without nausea or indigestion. Often I was exercising after midnight or after having fallen asleep on the couch.

Doing push ups three times a week is another sub goal I have also taken on to see if I can ever reach more than 57 non-stop push ups. The program I am following is supposed to enable me to do 100, but I’d be happy for now just to break my previous record…which I set in 1987, when I was in the Soviet Union for a month and could exercise every day. I was also a lot younger. We’ll see what I achieve.

Tomorrow I will practice a new tennis serve that I saw on TV. So much to do. So many challenges to take on…How are you doing?