Here is a NYTimes video about HIIT (high intensity interval training), which suggests that a 20-minute workout at a time for three days a week can be very efficient for improving cardio and building muscles. You go really fast on a stationary bike for one minute and then slow down for another minute. Or do the same with swimming, stair climbing, etc.

I can relate to this, because I have two abs workouts that are short: a 5-minute DVD and an 8-minute video that are definitely developing some abs muscles. It was just too much to spend 30 minutes or so at a time doing crunches, even though I wasn’t taking long breaks.

If you are like me, with little time or interest in exercise, try the HIIT program…by the way, there is also the reminder that it’s easier to lose weight by limiting what goes into your mouth than by burning calories once the fat is part of your body.