Some good points here that I agree with: dancers ARE athletes, and of course dancing is a very demanding physical challenge.

The dancer interviewed here, Alicia Graf Mack, has suffered major injuries three times in 15 years and had to work her way back from her pain and inactivity. She has an autoimmune disorder, an arthritis disease, so her joints were really inflamed. She had inflammation inside of her eye, and then pain in her right knee: the result of a very small tear. She had already had two knee surgeries, and the thought of worsening the tear and having another surgery was terrifying. It took four years just to get back to regular shape. It was the most depressing part of her life.

Some of this sounds exactly like Joe Namath’s constant surgeries and therapies with his injured knees. Who says dancers aren’t athletes? In fact Alicia show you why dancers have it tougher than most athletes!