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*The ELLIPTICAL CROSS TRAINER gives you less bounce to the ounce:

For every ounce of weight you lose, for every calorie you burn off, for every globule of fat you get rid of— the elliptical cross trainer machine will give you less bounce per ounce. Big deal, you say? Well, it is a big deal when you consider the pounding your body takes as you rack up miles on your trainer machine. Just talk to a jack hammer machine operator. He’ll tell you about shake, rattle and roll and the dangers of getting all shook up. Remember, you’re using trainer machines to give your muscles a workout, not the delicate organs inside.

That’s why, if running on trainer machines is included in your wellness or body-building program, a good trainers review will recommend elliptical trainer machines best for you. Because of the bio-mechanics of the elliptical shape, there’s less stress at every position of the elliptical path, without the sudden “drop-off” found in circular paths. This “drop-off” is like walking along, not realizing there’s a step down, and then your whole body goes ker-plunk and out of whack!

Without this stress anywhere along the machines elliptical path there’s a smoother ride for your internal organs inside. While outside there’s a greatly reduced physical impact on the joints of the body— mainly the ankles, knees and hips. Now, with these bodily areas taken care of and protected, you can put your attention back where it belongs. On the rest of your body.


Oar else you’ll have to exercise much harder and longer to get in good physical shape. Not counting the pain, or the strain you might get from other exercise machines. A rowing exercise machine lets you exercise almost every muscle group in your body. If you ever did any rowing in a real row boat—you know how your muscles feel afterwards. Ouch! You’ll hurt where you didn’t think you had muscles! The exercise of rowing in a stationary machine may not get you anywhere but your muscles will be getting the best workout they ever had.

The basic rowing exercise is simple: you sit in your machines sliding seat with your feet on the pedals. Then, you adjust the tension for the proper resistance, grab your oars and row! No, you don’t go anywhere — but your muscles do! Rowing your oars back and forth is like doing forearm curls, presses, and pull-ups—all in the same motion and all at the same time!

It works your back, abdomen, upper and lower leg muscles too. And because all the muscles are working together in one synchronized back and forth motion—the rowing exercise actually feels effortless! No strain. No pain. And plenty of gain. If your space or your budget for exercise machines is limited, and you had to choose one type of machine for the best all-around physical exercise—your choice would have to be a machine for rowing. Oar else!

ROW, ROW, ROW your rowing machine:

Ok, so there’s no stream. You don’t even have a boat. Fact is, you can get all the benefits of rowing a boat in a body of water—with a rowing machine! What benefits? Well, did you ever see the build on someone who’s into rowing, especially the chest, shoulders and arms? You’d swear he worked out at the gym 24 hours a day! But no, his system may have been just using a machine to do rowing backward and forward exercises for less than 24 minutes a day!

It’s kind of like Mr. Miyagi’s wax on, wax off thing. Row forward, and you give one set of muscles a workout. Row backward, and you do others. So, with this machine— you’ve got a total fitness system. Because you are exercising the abdominals and upper and lower legs as well. Whether you row on a lake or a machine, rowing is the best exercise for the entire body. Few activities are more invigorating than rowing.

Rowing works more muscle groups and joints through a wider range of motion than any other exercise system. If your exercise time is limited, rowing is a terrific choice. It’s one of the few types of fitness equipment that exercises the whole body, and offers strength and flexibility benefits in addition to a superior cardiovascular workout. And the best rowing machine is one that is used! We don’t mean second hand. We mean used by you! You gotta’ use it…so you won’t lose it!

TREADMILL reviews go where others fear to tread:

Want the real lowdown on treadmills? Read some treadmill reviews. These reviews are written by people, many former jogging enthusiasts, who now own and use treadmills. Most of them are sold on the use of treadmills as a substitute for jogging in getting cardiovascular benefits. And, they don’t lie. These treadmill owners have no reason to tell you anything but the absolute truth. Aside from an occasional disgruntled consumer, they have nothing to gain. On the contrary, they may write a review in which they tell you about everything they have lost! After using their treadmills– in inches and pounds!
In addition to these independent consumer reviews, you also find ratings charts, usually compiled by treadmill distributors. Here, you’ll find a treadmill rating for almost every major model treadmill built. Ratings on how each different model stacks up against the other. Which model is best for your purposes. What features are useful. Which options are not worth the extra cost. In short, reading these reviews are like taking every different treadmill for a test drive.

As reliable as these reviews and ratings are as a guide before buying, remember nothing is better than you testing the treadmills yourself. Watch out for loud, whiney motor sounds and unstable, shaky frames. If practical, allow ten minutes per treadmill. If they won’t let you hop aboard for a test drive at all—let your feet do the walking! Buyer beware– they’ve probably got something to hide.

*A HOME GYM makes your body shape up or your fat ship out:

Would you like 6-pack abs, or a waist smaller than your hip measurement again? Well, if you want to get rid of fat and get into shape– you’ve got several choices: You can either eat less food and consume less calories. Or burn more calories than you take in. If you prefer, you can do that by taking up active physical sports like basketball, football or wrestling. But, if you’re not into fitness sports or physical contact sports and you’re not about to take on a suma wrestler, maybe you should be taking home some home fitness equipment or a home gym!

Having a gym at home is a little more physical than the gymnasium sports we knew in high school. There’s no horse to jump over, no rings to swing from, no ropes to climb up— in fact there are no sports of any kind in a home gyms, unless you call physical fitness a sport. This kind of gym is a compact unit with several workout stations. Each meant to strengthen and exercise the different muscle groups in the body.

A workout is composed of doing repetitions, normally called reps, of different physical exercises using different amounts of weight as resistance. The more reps you can do, the more calories and fat cells you can burn off. And the best news of all— you can do just about every exercise sitting down!

Buying your own HOME GYM EQUIPMENT—join the club:

Not the local health club, not the neighborhood gym, not even the high school gymnasium. Join the exercise-at-home club! When, once it was fashionable to be a health club member, today, more and more people are getting their own exercise equipment to use at home. Starting out may consist of nothing more than a set of dumbbells. But it can get as elaborate as having a house full of exercise equipment. According to many workout enthusiasts who have sent in a home gym review—having the ability to exercise on home gym equipment offers many advantages.

You can exercise and workout in your home gym whenever you want. You can even take a set of dumbbells to bed with you and exercise during the TV commercials. You don’t have to wait to spin, jog or workout. There’s no waiting to use exercise equipment or free weights, like the right weight dumbbells or barbells. And you don’t have to wait for the after-work gymnasium crowds to come and go. In short, there’s no more waits for the weights.

If you intimidate easily, and you don’t look like Mr. Universe yet—you will also feel more comfortable in the privacy of your own home gym. Nobody to gawk at your pectorals, or lack of. Nobody smirking at your waistline, or the expanse of. From here on, your workout is private– just between the two of you. You, and whoever that is looking back at you in the mirror.