Virginie Razzano defeats Serena at the French Open—5/29/2012

Here is a great underdog story that inspired me at the French Open this year. Virginie Razzano faces Serena Williams who was a likely winner of the tournament. In over 10 years, Serena has never lost a first round match…she is 46-0. Razzano is ranked 111 on the women’s pro circuit, yet she defeats Serena in an incredible comeback. How do some people stay so strong and determined? I want some of that will and fortitude.

Serena wins the first set and faces a tiebreak in the second set. She is ahead 5-1, so she only needs two more points. Razzano wins the next six in a row to even the match. In the third set, Williams was so deflated, she lost five games in a row, then won three, which took us to the historic, ninth 23-minute game. Some games take 3-5 minutes. Nine or 10 minutes is a long one. Here there were 12 deuces, and it took Razzano eight match points, before she could put it away.

Maybe it’s on youtube, if you want to watch all that determination.