Once again I am amazed—even giddy— at how powerful a few techniques can be…in tennis. A slightly changed grip, move an inch closer to the base line for my serve, rotate the stance a few degrees, and PRESTO: I am hitting the best serves of my life…with pop and power. All following the advice of a really great coach, Rob Ober, who used to play with Agassi 20+ years ago.

Same improved results from two little changes to my back hand. One was “Just turn your body and relax as if you were talking to someone at a cocktail party,” Rob told me. And without tensing up or muscling the shot, I hit it right in the sweet spot more powerfully and accurately than ever. Can’t wait to compete now.

But I always have to extrapolate to non-tennis life. Could success in romance, business, career and any other arenas also be dependent on just a few adjustments, what ever they are? I wish that could be so. I know it is a slower process to achieve results in life, and certainly it’s harder to implement the theories.

But maybe it’s much simpler than we imagine.