Watch this video first!! There is a spoiler in the copy below…

Over 800,000 people have seen this video. Lilia Stepanova (born 29 July 1987) is a contortionist. She was born in Chişinău, Moldova, to parents who were also contortionists. She started training with her mother at the age of five.

As of 2010, Stepanova is living in Las Vegas, where she is known for performing at many NBA halftime shows. She is also known for her ability to perform archery with her feet while on hand-balancing canes, the piece she performed on Season 1 of America’s Got Talent.

The video is a Danish commercial for bank loans. One comment on Youtube points out that “the arrow is still on the bow after she shoots?? hahaha.” And of course it’s not certain that she hit the target after the arrow was launched. But it’s still a hell of a trick!