Paula and Jon before their on-camera push up contest—1/25/12

Prior to the Patraeus/Broadwell scandal breaking, Paula came on the Daily Show for a 15-minute interview to plug her book about the CIA chief. Little did we know what else was going on. And Jon Stewart made comments more recently about how naive he was during his January interview. All very funny.

Paula and Jon

Paula had attended West Point, was supposedly ranked No. 1 over all in fitness in her class. She benefited from a different ranking scale for women, she told a reporter this year. But “I was still in the top 5 percent if I’d been ranked as a male,” she said. But is she lying? A spokesman at the military academy said November 15th that Broadwell did NOT win the fitness award, which went to another female cadet in her graduating class.

Jon Stewart (on floor), Paula, and her husband Scott compete for charity

On that same show, she challenged Stewart to a push-up contest to raise money for wounded warriors. She claimed she could do 100. She slipped off her high heels, dropped to the floor and pounded out 60 push-ups, besting his 38. He donated $20,000 to a veterans’ organization Broadwell supports. I wanted to post the video of that contest, but it is now no longer available. Amusing.

As a substitute, I have some stills of Paula, so you can see how she often dressed to display her toned arms. And below is the first half of her interview with Stewart…no contest, no push ups, but you can hear the interview and enjoy all the secret meanings.

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Paula Broadwell
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