Some other visitors have made their own videos and slide shows of Mongolia from a more common tourist tour point of view. I included these in case you are interested in getting a more balanced overview of the Mongolian culture and landscape. The music will also give you a flavor of what is traditional.

above is a really good slide show. More than half the people are nomads moving their animals around and rounding them up often on motorcycles.

this one at 2:14—2:30 shows you how a ger is built, and clarifies why it is so portable.

This orchestra is interspersed with slides. What interested me is that on TV I saw Russian and Mongolian feature films with plots and then intercuts of formal singers and orchestra dressed up in military uniforms in a war movie. So the background musicians were not only filmed, but closeups of the soloists singing like those in this video.

The stainless steel statue of Genghis Khan on a horse (at 4:43) is 130 feet high, and one can enter it like the Statue of Liberty. It was only just built by a private entrepreneur in 2008, and has a museum at the bottom, archery range, and the raptors I photographed in my earlier post.