Tuesday the 14th was energetic. I hit tennis balls for 2 ½ hours with a couple of guys, one a former coach of 50+ years who has taught me a whole different way to play the game that he invented about 20 years ago. His insights and method worked so well for me that I became a believer and practitioner right away–completely abandoned all I had been taught during my first year of instruction. Frank Adams has written a book that is still unpublished. I give him some feedback to the manuscript, and he gives me some demonstration and guidance on how to apply his techniques and philosophy about the game. I am improving considerably, and feeling restless to play with younger opponents. That means men in their 50’s!

A friend with his own squash court had invited me to play with him in the afternoon–so I did, for about an hour and a quarter. They say playing squash—and I hadn’t played a game for about two years—will ruin your tennis swing. But I have only been on a squash court maybe 20 times in my life.

I love watching the game, ever since I first saw my daughter play and eventually make the varsity team. I then began following the squash team at Trinity College in Hartford which has won the national championship 11 years in a row and is undefeated after 202 matches. Who knows why we like certain activities, foods, people? We just do and are blessed if we can satisfy these inclinations and leanings. We are moths heading for the flame sometimes…but we generally can’t stop ourselves. And why even try if we are just watching a ball game?

So I played squash and did poorly and will take my second lesson on Sunday to learn how to hit the ball off the wall. But this is as much physical activity as I have done since the army, and I am feeling deliciously tired. It’s that good ache that satisfies and feels like I have accomplished something.

I am inching closer to a goal that I have set for myself. I am proud of this achievement, brag to friends about it, put up with their teasing back at me when I tell them that I want abs–after all, that is the kind of goal that a teenager or bodybuilder would be expressing, not a 60-something like me. At my age, I should be striving for doing more good for the world and others, not going after a “six-pack.” Pretty selfish and very self-centered. Nevertheless, I am determined…