Went to my usual Thursday doubles tennis game, and played 3 ½ hours–two of those hours were singles with one of the guys who stayed on. Only five hours sleep last night–my daughter needed help with a research paper until 1:30 am–and I was tired as well from the tennis and squash workouts two days earlier. But I made it.

My abs are getting nothing from this activity, but the cardio must be great. And I have much more confidence in my net game–I am fantastic some shots, making lots of winners. A new phase just two weeks old. What changed my game that I can be so much more powerful? Maybe I can extrapolate this success in other parts of my life, whether muscles or making money.

I am certainly taking more chances by coming closer to the net. With the additional practice, I am learning better how to hit the ball automatically or reflexively.
Just as important is thinking instantly where to place the ball…easy: where the other players “are not.” So often in warm-up, we hit the volleys right back to the opponent to keep the rally going. Then in the game,
I do that without thinking—and my volley is returned easily as a winner whizzes right past me. I have fought for months to aim away from the guys on the other side. Finally I am able to realize that goal. It certainly is easier to perform in the game the same way as in practice.

Building up muscles takes lots of effort. I see the pain and strain in the gym all the time. That practice and repetition is what it takes to reach my dream. I better have lunch and then do some situps…

…So I had the lunch, but did no exercise. Typical.