12/29/13 after 30-min Florida gym session...more abs needed

12/29/13 after 30-min Florida gym session…more abs needed

Was celebrating the holidays with visiting family and also out of town over a week. So writing has been impossible. Catch up upon return is always a pressured and somewhat overwhelming challenge. But finally I can make time to visit my favorite web site.

In spite of being away from home, I was able to squeeze in my daily exercises…the hotel had a gym that I visited often. It has now been 790 days without missing even one 5-15-minute session of crunches or push ups, pec flys or barbell moves. It is now a routine part of my life…in addition to any tennis playing. An achievement I am very proud of after decades of inability to put five days of exercise in a row.

As I have said from the start: these little sessions don’t build much bulk, but it least they keep me a bit toned. You can see my abs are barely showing. Must be poor lighting…(hahaha)