After I posted Rudy’s story on this site, Rudy also posted it on another web site for his high school class, and a number of comments resulted there. I wrote those classmates and asked permission to also post their comments here. Below are their original responses and sometimes their words of permission:

Floyd Stern Sep 2, 09:
I’ve got a $2 ticket on you to show. Excellent article. I enjoyed it. Tell your wife that hypochondriasis shows maturity and good judgment, at our age.

susie siegel schwartz Sep 4, 09:
Great… Love it. I can remember going to St Pats and watching you all play.
I loved your story. I agree with Phyllis, you should write a blog.
Since we retired I took up Tennis. Yes I have sports injuries all the time but so what.. I just figure you have to pay to play
Just keep being active and laugh as much as you can
Love Susie

What ever you want to do with my comments about Rudy. He is so funny, hasn’t changed at all since we were kids. It is great to see that you are friends.
I am starting to use weights for my (osteo) bones. Also I would like a little tiny bit of definition in my arms.
This is a very fitness oriented area.
I think most people at our age should be pro-active about their bodies.
Love the site…S

Linda Widrich Weitz Sep 2, 09:
You are so cute, Rudy! Your lust for life is delicious! I remember loving the game – it was always so exciting to watchl Today I can only recall one name, Orbea, and he wasn’t even my favorite . Thanks for the memory. It was a great bit on Rudy!

Steve Katz Sep 4, 09:
Great piece Rudy.I tried playing in those years,too. At St Pats with a hard rubber ball and a real cesta. Super tough game to get the basics down enough just to catch and fling the pelota. Pretty amazing that you’re back to it now. Wonderful.
Allen Shevach, Eddie Mufson and many others and I used to go to the Fronton (even the Dania Fronton) and bet on our favorites: Isidoro, Orbea and the great leaper, Churruca.
I loved it.
I remember one of the messages the House used to stimulate more betting was:” Remember, fans, the less you bet the more you lose when you win!”
It was a fun (but not profitable) time.
Stay with it and enjoy…Steve

bonnie rubenstein dannen Sep 2, 09:
Hi Rudy – I loved goint to the Fronton and betting on the players— names I couldn’t even pronounce
It was great fun. I, too, would love to place a bet or two on you!!!!!