When Rudy Kellerman is not playing jai alai (see his story on August 31st https://www.irasabs.com/?m=20090831), he likes to do other things involving muscles…oops, I think he means mussels. He actually sent me this high-protein recipe:

Ira, I thought I would share my recipe for mussels with you. This is a quick and tasty meal, all protein. You can have it over a bed of pasta or on it’s own as a soup to dip your favorite bread. It should take you less than 15 minutes to make and you can impress your significant other.


1 ½ lbs. of mussels. Enough for two people
Two bunches of cilantro
Two shallots
One half a head of garlic
Half a stick of butter
Half a cup of white wine.
Two Key limes.

Take a pound and a half of farmed Canadian mussels or any kind as long as they are fresh. Put the mussels into the colander of a double boiler. Run cold water on the mussels to wash them clean. They are fresh if there is no odor and they are closed. Chop the two heads of cilantro, but not fine.

Chop the two shallots and the half head of garlic and sauté it in a half stick of butter. Sauté for a bit but do not let it get brown, just soften it up. Splash about a half cup of white wine. The quality of the wine does not matter. Drinking some of the wine out of the bottle is optional. It will loosen you up so you don’t think of cooking as a chore but rather as a creative endeavor. Stir the pot until it starts to pre boil. Once you start to see bubbles, lower the heat to simmer so it does not boil. Place the mussels on the top part of the double boiler and cover the pot until the mussels open. This should take just a few minutes. Once the mussels have opened, add the cilantro to the mussels. Cover the pot and steam for a minute but don’t let the cilantro get too soft. Take the Key limes and squeeze the juice onto the mussels. Drink some more wine. Take the mussels and cilantro and empty it into the bottom boiler that contains the shallots, garlic and wine rue. Stir a few times. You are finished and ready to serve. You are ready to have a great dinner.

Now, put the cooking wine aside and take out your favorite red or white wine to enjoy your dinner. You should have your mussels with some nice hard crusty bread to use for dipping in the sauce. Add a fresh green salad for a great simple meal.