I have long thought of Life as a smorgasbord—a buffet table full of items to taste, to try at least once. Then I can decide if I like them and want more on my plate when it’s food, and repeated or deeper experiences when it’s a new adventure or pleasure or pastime. I can’t relate to diners who always order the same familiar foods…”What if I don’t like the new dish in a restaurant?” they worry. “I will have paid for something that I don’t want to eat.” I think they must live their lives the same way—afraid to do something different, take the new path to the left instead of the traditional path to the right.

People often choose what their peers or the society tell them they should like. But that stopped working for me before high school. Perhaps it’s the result of being an outsider who was laughed at because my father was regarded as a “quack” before holistic attitudes or chiropractic principles were appreciated. Unlike other kids, I had a working mother too, which was unusual in a world of women who were expected to be nurturing housewives. Anyway doing what one was supposed to do was not part of my character, and it has helped me deviate from the norm.