Well here I am over three years later reporting that I have exercised at least five minutes every day. Usually it’s 10 minutes, and sometimes over 20. It’s an achievement that I absolutely must do, in spite of how inconvenient it is. Especially when I procrastinate getting to this minimal workout and am starving. Have to exercise AFTER I eat. Also when I am camping out (like in Mongolia) or traveling overseas.

But I don’t give in. I am not going to break this chain of consecutive days.

I also started getting in shape for my annual Cycle for Survival, one-hour spinning ride. Now that is something I really have to work at. 45-minutes or an hour seems like forever…remember that I am also playing tennis 3-5 times a week, and I don’t count those sessions as my required daily exercise.

Push-ups, Pec flys, wall sits, planks, squats with weights, and abs crunches are what I usually do. Sometimes I use the rowing machine at home. And I certainly count snow shoveling, which usually takes 30-60 minutes. That can be exhausting.

It’s mostly a discipline practice. But it does feel good when it’s over.

I also have the satisfaction of having inspired a few others to do their 5-15 each day…and their efforts have inspired others they know. Are you interested? It’s a challenge…