Went to a movie on Friday night and automatically bought some popcorn…with extra oil. I was told that it was not coconut oil (very high cholesterol) and that it was butter-flavored. So I still don’t know what it was and how bad for my health. With salt added, it was delicious munching during the show, and my friend had half the bag.

Later he chastised me for buying it at all. Although he loved eating it, he regretted that I had tempted him, and he had succumbed. He is usually the one who goes right to the popcorn counter and buys the super jumbo size. However now that he is going to the gym and is more determined than ever to lose weight, he sees how much effort it takes in the gym to offset those little white puffy kernels slathered in fattening oil. Nevertheless he ate his half with gusto.

Why do we so easily violate our resolutions? Why should it be so hard? These days I can ignore the ice cream in the freezer for months without so much as a small taste. Other years I was eating it nightly or a few times a week…with chocolate syrup added. In a reality TV show I saw, one of the obese twins who supposedly wanted to lose weight was caught squirting the chocolate syrup directly into her mouth.

My solution is not to have the “bad” food in the house at all. That way I am unable to eat it when I feel those inevitable cravings. (Some ice cream is there for the kids when they come home from college, but my desire for low cholesterol makes it easy to avoid my old ice cream addiction.) I know that I am very weak-willed and often can’t resist my hunger for sweets. I will even stoop to crappy Easter candy (two chocolate covered mints last night) or straight teaspoonfuls of honey.