Yesterday was the 2,506th day in a row that I have spent five minutes or more doing some kind of exercise. And I do not count the hours of tennis or squash, which sometimes occur 3-4 times a week and can add up to 7-plus hours a week of vigorous activity. Almost seven years, never missing a day. I did something on trips to Mongolia, Easter Island, Japan. I rose out of bed, when I remembered that I had forgotten. I even exercised the other day after 1:00 AM.

A terrific achievement for me, because I was so lazy in my previous life, going months without doing anything. I stopped going to the gym after a futile attempt. I wouldn’t pick up weights that were in my office. I was hopeless.

Then one day, ashamed and disgusted, I challenged myself to do anything for at least five minutes, whether rowing on a machine, push ups, pec flys, stretches, planks. Sometimes I was active for 15-20 minutes.

Last November I overdid a machine in a hotel gym and messed up my left shoulder. That forced me to do physical therapy to gradually recover. Couldn’t push a seat belt down or take off a t-shirt without pain. But the PT and other exercises have made a difference. Am back up to a 3-minute plank (record is 5 minutes) and pec flys with 10-pounds (used to use 25-pound weights). It’s all a process, a slow slog…for someone who used to be a slug. No more. 2500 days in a row, without missing one of them…