David Beckham shows off abs for Armani ad—2009

David Beckham shows off abs for Armani ad—2009

I am now addicted. Maybe it’s endorphins that are kicking in. I read that they can be as powerful as morphine. I have become a sportaholic or exercisaholic. I am astonishingly fit, hardly tire, barely sweat (it is 40-50 degrees outside the indoor tennis courts I play on these days).

In just 25 November days, I have done the following:

Tennis—played 15 times, some sessions for three hours of singles and doubles

Squash—played, mostly practiced 6 times, three in a clinic, each session one hour.

Hunting—3 times, average of three hours each time


Crunches—9 times, some slow, some sloppy but 500-700 most times

Lat pulldowns—6 times

I am now an exercise junky. It started after I returned from Sweden in mid-October. I see that in the last 17 days of that month, I played tennis 7 times, squash and Zumba once each, crunches 6 times, and lat work twice in a gym.

Helluva change from a guy who went years without exercising or playing any sports. How come?

More time with semi-retirement, and cramming in as much physical fun as possible while I am still capable. Also love the challenge of the two racket sports and seeing some abs cut lines on an aging body. Glad I am back at it. This is the most athletic time since my military days. Stay tuned

One additional change is that my tennis skill is improving enormously, and people with stronger games are inviting me to sub doubles or play them in singles. Very exciting. Also upgrades my game as I play with better competitors.

Yesterday my therapist suggested I take a break from seeing him. I have discomfort still and have plateaued in improving. Yet I can hit all these tennis and squash balls without any pain during the games. I am sore afterward for a few hours, and my wrist hurts most of the time. No interest in surgery or injections yet. Time will tell on this one also.

For inspiration, I’ve included world-famous soccer star, David Beckham, in two Armani underwear ads. Check out his abs:

look at Beckham's abs pop—2009

look at Beckham's abs pop—2009