My name is Ira, and I want to have a six-pack. I am 68 and have always been a strong believer in health and fitness. But I have disliked exercise most of my life, and only joined a gym for the first time two years ago — after I semi-retired. Finally I had time to firm up some flab, create some definition.

This blog will document and picture the progress I make with my abs. I also want to talk about my new sports efforts (tennis and squash), diet and good health. And through these activities, I will pass on some philosophy about living a life. All with a bit of humor and amusement.

In addition, I encourage readers of all ages to send in your own stories and pictures of making muscles, becoming more fit, and also more skilled and involved in personal sports. I believe your participation and advice about athletics and life will serve as a real inspiration to me and the site’s visitors.

As you can see below, I need a lot of work:

After two weeks of avoiding the gym.
This is 1 pm on April 4, 2009.