At a dinner party over the Thanksgiving weekend, someone mentioned my website and how much fun it was to check in periodically. I explained to some questioners that I was trying to build a six-pack. One friend revealed that I was working on it and might qualify for a three-pack, which I challenged. To prove my point, I showed my latest progress photo that was still in my camera—the one I’d taken in the mirror.

I was startled to hear this woman yell out for the whole table, “He’s naked!” I panicked, wondering what shot she had seen if she had accidentally moved the viewer to another frame. I didn’t remember taking any nude pictures of myself. Nor having any one else do it. What the hell was she looking at? Uh-oh. I was in trouble.

I quickly reached over my hostess and grabbed my camera and saw that it was just the photo I had intended to present. You can see it at the top of the page in “My Progress Photos.” Yet for his woman, a man in gym shorts with no shirt is considered naked. Whew! Big sigh of relief. Yet I forget how self-conscious some folks are when it comes to displaying or perceiving the human form. Maybe it was the shock of seeing even a photo of a bare male chest at a dinner table.

Wonder what she thinks of the underwear ads on this site and billboards all over the country? Or when she goes to the beach in the summer?

Anyway after a closer look, she agreed that it looked like I was already in the six-pack range. Back to crunches and making extra-special sure what is on my camera when I pass it to others.

PS/Update: I told this story to someone who insisted that the woman at the dinner was just being cute to get attention. But I don’t think so. She’s no professional actress. She was surprised and blurted out the first thing that came to her.