To look younger and more in accordance with our culture’s standards of beauty, some people exercise to make muscles, some color their hair and some resort to cosmetic surgery. A plastic surgeon I know, Dr. Dean Jabs, sent me this response to the December 28th article about Demi Moore’s possible plastic surgeries(


I think most people overestimate what can be done with surgery. People’s imaginations get the best of them. Too much Hollywood, not enough Main Street, so to speak. We can do a lot, but like I tell my patients, “My name tag says M.D., not GOD”. Lipo can contour but not reduce your body fat to 6%. Facial surgery and breast surgery can go a long way to restoring a youthful appearance and liposuction can contour…but that doesn’t take the place of a good diet and exercise, appropriate sleep and laying off the “sauce.”



At the end of this post are three of Dean’s company web sites, and one of them offered the following information:

May 15, 2009

Here at Cosmetic Surgery Associates we have definitely seen a shift in how people are viewing cosmetic surgery. People are concerned about the economy and are more willing to do smaller things now such as botox or fillers to maintain their looks rather than address the bigger issues that might require surgery. The recent release of statistics from our national society, The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, bears this out. Here is a summary of the stats. Enjoy!

The top five surgical cosmetic procedures in 2008 were:

1. Breast Augmentation (355,671)
2. Liposuction (341,144)
3. Eyelid Surgery (195,104)
4. Nasal Surgery (152,434)
5. Tummy Tuck (147,392)

Women accounted for 92% of the total.

The top nonsurgical cosmetic procedures were:
1. Botox
2. Soft tissue fillers: Restylane, Juvederm, Hylaform
3. Laser hair removal
4. Chemical Peel
5. Laser skin resurfacing

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