On December 10th, I reported that including November 30th, I had played 32 1/2 hours of tennis and squash in nine of the previous 11 days. This passionate, or manic, behavior continued for the next eight days, when I played tennis five times in a row, an additional 13 1/4 hours. That adds up to 14 days out of 19, 45 3/4 hours of squash and tennis. Then I took a Christmas season, spend-time-with-family break to rest my arm and wrist, which were both pretty sore. I only played one more time for 3 1/4 hours. This brought my December total to 41 3/4 hours of tennis, 2 hours of squash, and 22 days of physical activity. (November had been 25 days of sports and crunches.)

Helluva month. And my game definitely improved. Received two tennis books as gifts: The Inner Game of Tennis and Strokes of Genius, about the Federer/Nadal 2008 Wimbledon final. Both are inspirations, and I can’t wait to apply some of the new lessons grasped.

I also worked on my abs:

Dec 1: 150+150+200+250=750 ball crunches
Dec 8: 100+100+100= 300 bicycles + 250 balls
Dec 12: 250+250+250=750 balls
Dec 14: 100+100+100=300 bicycles + 250 balls
Dec 18: 250+250+180(interrupted 10 minutes)+ 250 balls
Dec 20: 100+100+100=300 bicycles + 300 balls
Dec 23: 250+250+250=750 balls
Dec 26: 100+100+100=300 bicycles + 400 balls
Dec 29: 250+250+300=800 balls
Jan 1: 100+100+100= 300 bicycles + 500 balls

Additionally I went skiing once, ice skating once, rowed once on the Concept2 indoor rowing machine for 1000 meters, played squash once and joined adult friends for my first game of laser tag (we were destroyed by the other team of all kids under 17).

Now let’s see if I can do more weight lifting in the new year to rebuild some muscle…