Here is a report on some problems I had the last few days that has nothing to do with fitness. But if you haven’t lived 30 or 40 years, you may find it useful for getting through your life. By the way, by age 40 I had had enough traumatic situations to be able to look back and see that I made it through all of them, even if I thought I never would. So around that time, I was able to relax as each new crisis confronted me—I knew from my past history that I would figure something out. I would make it through. It’s a great lesson that is not easy to accept.

Last week in bed with my sprained ankle, I decided to work on the design for this site. I had been told that a certain program (called WordPress) was easy to use and modify. There were 750 ready-made designs that I just chose from with the click of a mouse and could then alter the text and colors as I liked. So I took advantage of being bed-bound and selected about 30 different designs and then found out it wasn’t so easy to insert them into this shell of a web site. I had to acquire another program that would send them to the giant computer that hosts my site, then send them, and then click buttons effortlessly.

To shorten the overwhelmed, damnable, awful experience I went through (I know this isn’t really illness, starvation or near-death), I made about 10 calls to the hosting company and was able to try out all the different designs. I picked my favorite and then discovered that I couldn’t change the colors, I couldn’t reach the designer, I was ignored by the people on the forum who had chosen “my” preferred design, and I had to find another design after hours and hours of effort. What a waste.

I pick design number two, and there are more problems. For both of these designs, you have to know how to read and change source code—Are You Kidding Me!!!! I am no techie guy, even if I can operate a computer and use email. But with the help of my son, I made it to the next stage, which involved changing some colors and aligning some lines of type. What a PAIN. But I/we persisted. And we moved right along…until I learned that what I thought the hosting company was going to do three weeks ago…they didn’t do, never do, but I had received the impression that they do do. It was real doo doo. Lost more time.

Still I plowed on in spite of this setback. Sunday I was ready to start picking keywords, titles and mega tags, which I had to learn about by reading lots of pages of explanation. However it turned out that I couldn’t access my own site! Other people could in different states. But not me on any of the three computers in my house.

The host could, a remote site could, my local ISP (internet service provider) could, but I couldn’t. And I spent hours talking to people at both ends of my web route, attempting to fix the problem. Each side said the other was at fault—I spoke to 10 different people yesterday—and we narrowed it down to a few possible sources of the problem. But we never found out what the issue was, and it never worked by the end of the day. Yet it did work today, somehow.

The point is to not quit, to keep on plugging, to not get discouraged to the point of despair, to ask your friends and experts, and keep on beating your head and heart against the wall or the smoke. You have to continue making the effort. There is no other way. All my entrepreneurial experience tells me this is how you have to proceed to bring ANYTHING to completion.

Not everyone seems to know this. They think it “SHOULD” be easier and that the other people are idiots. Maybe they are right. But you still must keep working at it, again and again and again.

If you knew all this already, forgive such a simple lesson. But I meet plenty of adults who give up in disgust, because things didn’t happen the way they thought…