May 24, 2009

Well I did NOT make it to the gym yesterday. But I did work out at home, but with lots of interruptions and distractions. Hard to focus. Think I need the gym to concentrate.

I did pull ups—new record for the last two years, various core roller exercises, some bar bell work, and many different abs builders. I saved an hour and a half of travel. I did miss the energy and inspiration of others in the gym who are very serious and have visible results.

Then I had my first protein shake and found it completely boring, even though I added strawberries and ice. My son said he drank vanilla flavored protein shakes when he went to the gym last year. I will try a flavor next time I buy more powder. Taking this supplement is supposed to really help. We’ll see.

May 25, 2009

Stuffing food and downing protein shakes…gained back two pounds. Adding bananas and honey with a topping of cinnamon makes the taste delicious. No time yesterday to work out—drove my daughter to Manhattan—but was able to do some push ups first thing in the morning before I left…and I reached the magic 50. Then 10 breaths and 11 more. Stay tuned. Ankle still sore, but abs yearning for a burning…

I worked out at home again. The only good thing is that I can watch TV and some videos on the computer of guys with amazing abs demonstrating how to make my own set. Inspiring. I did use the chin up bar and can do seven of the bicep-assisted pull up (fingers facing me) and five of the harder kind with fingers pointing away. And I gained another pound.