February was full of sports activity, but little exercise and crunches. Maybe I am just too tired to work on muscles and abs. Could I be lazy as well? Can’t really say that when I was active 24 out of 28 days.

I played tennis 15 different days for a total of 41.5 hours. (The totals in December and January were 15 and 14, 41 3/4 and then 36) There were eight days that I played squash for 7.5 hours (up from once in December and two times last month). I went cross country skiing twice and downhill skiing once (in a storm on powder) (up from once in each of the last two months). And I did crunches just once a week, four times in the month (down from nine times in Dec and seven times in Jan), and 550 ball crunches was my largest amount (down from my record of 1050 last month). For a guy who used to do almost no sports or exercise in previous lives, this is a huge improvement. Nevertheless, I feel badly that I am not working on my abs and chest muscles.

Guess I should start doing them if I want that six-pack..