Ira—Does it feel any better being in the 7th decade as opposed to the 6th decade? Happy Birthday!
—Mickey Fierberg-Freundlich

I still feel young, Mickey, and my body is still working after so FEW years of physical activity. But getting this close to 70 sounds and looks (on paper) somewhat elderly (but not yet ancient). I will work at acquiring that “It’s only a number” attitude, but I am not there yet. Any suggestions from readers are welcome, although drinking until I can’t think straight probably won’t happen for me.

One thing I do believe is that each birthday confirms obviously that I lived another year. I am very grateful for that achievement and feel extremely fortunate to keep reaching higher numbers. I often mention to younger friends and relatives who make fun of what an old fart I am that I knew someone in high school who died at age 17, andr a former girl friend who died at 45, and many other people I know who are gone. It’s all attitude, isn’t it?
— ira

A belated Happy Birthday, Ira!! What a wonderful way to spend Easter Sunday and your birthday—sounds like all of you had a blast!
—Stephanie Logan Kennedy