Another youngster makes inspirational sports history.

Jessica Watson upon her arrival back home in Sydney—5/15/10

This time it’s 16-year-old Jennifer Watson, an Australian who just completed a solo sail around the world. “People don’t think you’re capable of these things—they don’t realize what young people, what 16-year-olds and girls are capable of,” Watson told the raucous crowd at the Sydney Opera House, many wearing pink clothes and waving pink flags in honor of her 34-foot yacht, Ella’s Pink Lady. “It’s amazing, when you take away those expectations, what you can do.”

Jennifer at welcome back home ceremony with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd greeted Watson at the Opera House with a grin and a hug, dubbing her “Australia’s newest hero”—a description Watson dismissed.

“I’m actually going to disagree with the prime minister,” she said, as the crowd laughed. “I don’t consider myself a hero. I’m an ordinary girl who believed in her dream.”

Nevertheless she survived the isolation, monstrous storms with waves 40-feet high and seven boat knockdowns. Her parents survived the storms of criticism for being so reckless and allowing their daughter to make such a dangerous 23,000 nautical mile journey. But Jennifer has been sailing since age eight, so her family was confident she’d make the trip safely.

You can read more details in this article by Kristin Gelineau. And you can also enjoy more about this incredible adventure by visiting Jennifer’s blog [/caption]